5 Luxury Vacation Ideas for Your Next Trip

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It’s been a rough year—when was the last time you truly treated yourself? Life often gets in the way of relaxation, so there’s no better time than now to think about planning a luxury vacation.

It’s an ideal way to spend quality time with loved ones, relax, have fun, and visit a new part of the world. But where should you go?

From snow-capped mountains to tropical beaches, there’s no shortage of incredible luxury in the world. To help you out, here are five amazing luxury destinations to think about, ideal for both couples and families.

1. Lake Tahoe

Skiing down epic ski resorts like Heavenly, sipping champagne by the fire, and enjoying a spa day? Sounds awesome, so check out Lake Tahoe if you’re looking for a weekend getaway on the west coast.

It’s ideal for skiing and snowboarding in winter, or boating and hiking in the summer. You’ll also find plenty of five-star hotels and world-class restaurants.

2. Fiji

One of the best luxury destinations has to be Fiji! This small chain of islands in the Pacific is truly a tropical paradise, delivering pristine beaches, private villas with plunge pools, and incredible cuisine and culture.

If you want a luxury travel experience that’s unlike anything else, plan a visit to Fiji.

3. Zion National Park

Zion National Park, in Utah, is one of America’s most spectacular natural landscapes. It’s known for its canyons, waterfalls, and epic cliffs.

After a day of hiking and trekking, you’ll want to put your feet up and unwind in your luxury accommodation. We love Zion Wildflower—check it out here: www.zionwildflower.com/glamping-accommodations/cabins-and-bungalows/.

4. South Africa

If an African safari is your idea of a trip of a lifetime, head to South Africa. Both Cape Town and Johannesburg offer proximity to amazing safari lodges.

You can enjoy a sunrise drive through the parks, looking for cheetahs, elephants, wildebeest, and more, then kick off the day with a delicious breakfast and a dip in the pool at your resort. Perfection!

5. New Zealand

If you love Lord of the Rings, or just long for natural beauty, the South Island of New Zealand offers both rugged beauty and luxury.

Don’t miss Mount Cook, Larnach Castle, and the incredible views of Milford Sound–all some of the best South Island experiences. From delectable seafood dinners to high-end hotels, you’ll find plenty of luxury to soak up in New Zealand.

Pop the Champagne–It’s Time to Plan Your Next Luxury Vacation

Which luxury vacation idea appeals to you most? With so many beautiful places in the world, it’s seriously hard to decide!

Use this guide as a starting point, then do a bit more research to learn more. Or, talk to a local travel agent to start designing your trip.

Wherever you go, be sure to indulge in amazing food, wine, and plenty of relaxation—you’ve earned it!


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