6 main reasons to visit the US Virgin Islands this winter

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The U.S. Virgin Islands are a Caribbean paradise for travelers. This group of islands in the eastern Caribbean consists of St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix. Each island has many places where visitors can explore the culture, history and nature of all three on a fantastic holiday. Read on to find out the reasons for visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands this winter.

Reasons to visit the US Virgin Islands

The weather is wonderful

The U.S. Virgin Islands are the perfect retreat from the winter cold. Average temperatures from the mid-70s to the upper 80s from December to March. Many American travelers make the U.S. Virgin Islands one of their favorite destinations for vacationing for the same reason.

No passport is required for American citizens

US passport renewal times now take time due to high demand. Since the Virgin Islands are a territory of the United States, American citizens do not need a passport to travel there. This includes access to St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas, in addition to many other surrounding islands, and you only need your state identification.

Arrive by plane or cruise

If you want to experience the U.S. Virgin Islands from another perspective, travelers have the option of visiting the islands by plane or as a stopover on an Eastern Caribbean cruise. St. Thomas is one of the best cruise ports in the Caribbean, so you have the option to explore the island as a day trip.

The best things to do in the US Virgin Islands

There are many outdoor activities and fun activities during your stay in the US Virgin Islands. Trunk Bay, a St. John, is one of the favorite areas of snorkelers because of its 225-meter-long scuba diving trail. In addition to the many beaches, the islands are full of outdoor opportunities, including hiking, swimming, sailing and diving in the Virgin Islands National Park and the location of leatherback sea turtles at Sandy Point. National Wildlife Refuge of St. Cross.

History lovers will love exploring colonial history in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A St. Cross, visitors can explore the museum of the plantation of real estate whims or tour the Christiansvaern fort and learn about history. A St. John, customers can see the Annaberg plantation and learn about the whole role of the plantation in the African slave trade.

Buyers will want to visit the USVI shopping mecca on Main Street in St. Louis. Thomas. This area is considered the best commercial area in the Caribbean. Shoppers will find everything they want on this cobbled street, including designer clothing and the best perfume.

A fantastic gastronomic scene

The U.S. Virgin Islands have a unique cuisine that truly combines local culture with regional influences. The main staple food of the islands is fish and mushrooms, while Johnny Cakes are a delicacy that is served at every meal. Other local favorites are Callaloo, a West African-influenced soup, while donuts are a popular menu item at many restaurants.

The gastronomic options of all the islands are from fast food to quality gastronomic establishments. The best restaurants include burgers at the Side Street pub, steaks and lobster at the Prime at Paradise Point in St. Louis. St. Thomas, sushi at the Lovango Resort and Beach Club in St. Thomas. John and tasty tacos at Lime Out on St. John.

An optimal getaway for couples

The U.S. Virgin Islands are full of romantic places and resorts for couples. The islands offer beautiful sunsets, white sandy beaches and intimate restaurants and resorts. The Buccaneer Beach and Golf Resort of St. Croix is ​​the favorite place for the couple because of its stunning views, luxury accommodation, excellent food and activities for couples.

Covid-19 Entry Requirement for the United States Virgin Islands

All travelers to the islands over the age of 5 must complete the USVI Travel Detection Portal within five days prior to arrival. Travelers will be required to submit evidence of a negative result of a pre-approved COVID-19 molecular test (RT-PCR, viral or nucleic acid amplification) presented within five travel days. This guideline is mandatory even for totally vaccinated travelers. Canadians wishing to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands must comply with current health guidelines that include coronavirus testing, in addition to completing the travel screening portal.

Masks are required at airports and on all forms of public transportation in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Disclaimer: Current travel rules and restrictions are subject to change without notice. The decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. Please contact your consulate and / or local authorities to confirm your nationality entry and / or any change in travel requirements before traveling. Travel Off Path does not endorse travel against government notices

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