60,950 young adults receive free travel passes to explore Europe

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60,950 young adults receive free travel passes to explore Europe

The winners can embark on their journeys from March 2022

As part of the European Union’s DiscoverEU initiative, young Europeans between the ages of 18 and 20 had the chance to apply for a travel pass in the autumn of 2021. On 6 January, the European Commission revealed that 333,728 people applied for this opportunity, showing eagerness to travel after the many months of lockdowns.

Moreover, it announced that 60,950 applicants have been successful and have now received emails informing them that they have won free travel cards to explore Europe. Commenting on the results of the initiative, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel stated:

“The announcement of the results for DiscoverEU is a good way to start 2022 European Year of Youth. We want this year to be a celebration of all young people and we will multiply opportunities for them throughout the year, for example by increasing the number of tickets for DiscoverEU in the next round that will take place in spring 2022.”

When can you begin your travels?

The young winners can choose to travel solo or in groups of 5 from March 2022 to February 2023. To support the Green Deal, the adventurers will travel predominantly by rail, although exceptions will be made for those who live in remote areas or islands.

As travellers will undoubtedly have questions regarding their future journeys, live Q&A sessions will take place on the European Youth Portal’s Instagram and the #DiscoverEU Official Facebook Group on 17 January. Then, everyone will have the chance to ask questions and prepare themselves for their travels.

Due to the outbreak of COVID and the constant changes in travel restrictions, the young Europeans will also be able to make flexible reservations via a mobile travel pass. Therefore, they will have the option to modify their bookings and change their departure dates.

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