A Majority Of Americans Expecting Summer Travel With Their Own Vehicles

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Half of Gen Z, Millennials, Men, and Big City Urbanites recall seeing recent OOH ads for automobiles in anticipation of hitting the road, whether for summer travel or commuting.

The vast majority of Americans (85%) anticipate to travel this summer, taking even more vacation time than they did in 2021: nearly half (48%) of Americans planning to vacation this summer will do so for two weeks or more, up from 41% last summer. Getting to summer vacation spots in personal vehicles is the most popular mode of transportation.

These are some of the key findings from “OOH Consumer Insights and Intent – Q1 2022,” a new research report produced in collaboration with The Harris Poll by the Out of Home Advertising Group of America (OAAA), the national trade association for the complete OOH media ecosystem.

At the same time, in spring 2022, 80 percent of workers expect to be commuting, rising to 84 percent by summer 2022, and by that time, the majority (64 percent) expect to be working five days a week. Urbanites and Millennials, in particular, are becoming more comfortable traveling by various forms of transportation. Sixty-nine percent of the public believes it is safe to fly because of the epidemic, up from 59 percent in April, and 67 percent believe it is safe to travel by train. In addition, nearly two-thirds of adults in the United States (62 percent / 61 percent) are comfortable utilizing ride-hailing services and taxis, both of which are much higher than in April 2021.

With short and long-haul travel on the horizon, many Americans recall seeing automotive-related out-of-home advertising. Half of Gen Z, Millennials, Men, and Urbanites in large cities (population +1 million) said they’ve recently seen an automotive brand or dealership OOH ad. Over half of those who recall these OOH messages (43%) say the experience prompted them to take action, such as visiting the brand/website dealer’s (38%) or researching the advertised brand/dealer (38%) or sharing information with friends or family (30%) or visiting the brand/showroom dealer’s (23%) and more.

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