A One Of A Kind Art Experience Now Open In Cardiff

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Dreamachine, a remarkable new immersive experience exploring the human mind’s boundless potential, debuts today at Cardiff’s Temple of Peace and will run until June 18. It was created by Collective Act and features Turner Prize-winning artists Assemble, Grammy and Mercury Prize-nominated composer Jon Hopkins, as well as a group of top engineers, scientists, and thinkers. UNBOXED: Creativity in the United Kingdom commissioned and presented Dreamachine.

This one-of-a-kind immersive event will take place in Cardiff’s stunning Temple of Peace building, which was erected in the aftermath of World War I with the goal of ‘changing the world’ through advancing international peace efforts. Dreamachine will transport viewers on a kaleidoscopic visual trip through flickering light and sound, all of which will be experienced with closed eyes. Audiences will take their seats in an Assemble-designed setting, which will allow them to share a shared multisensory experience that is both intensely personal and collective.

Jon Hopkins, a Grammy and Mercury Award-winning composer, has created a new music for the work in 360-degree spatial sound, creating a unique and engulfing sonic environment. A group of neuroscientists and philosophers from the Universities of Sussex and Glasgow teamed with Holition, a creative technology firm, to create new creative tools for audience contemplation, all aimed at encouraging connection and conversation.

Dreamachine was inspired by artist and inventor Brion Gysin’s amazing but little-known 1959 innovation. In the mind of the ‘viewer,’ his improvised apparatus employed flickering light to produce colorful illusions, kaleidoscopic patterns, and color bursts. It was designed by Gysin to replace the TV in every home in America, as the “first artwork to be experienced with your eyes closed.” Instead of being passive consumers of mass-produced media, Dreamachine users would create their own cinematic experience.

After more than 60 years, Collective Act has assembled a top-tier team to fundamentally rethink the Dreamachine as a transformative new type of collective experience, which will be available to audiences across the UK for free. The Dreamachine will provide each person with a unique experience. The study of these various audience responses will reveal new information on how the human brain creates our subjective ‘inner universe,’ examining how we each meet the world, how it impacts our life, and who we are. Even with modern neuroscience technologies, the question of why such vivid experiences still happen remains unresolved.

While the Dreamachine immersive experience is only for those over the age of 18, A New Direction has designed a schools program in collaboration with the British Science Association, UNICEF UK, and We The Curious to run alongside the live shows.

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