Actor And Environmentalist Tries Role As Water Ambassador

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When serving aluminum bottled water to customers on a Hawaiian Airlines trip from Los Angeles to Honolulu, Jason Momoa, the creator of Mananalu, a firm dedicated to ending single-use plastic water bottles, assumed the roles of both a flight attendant and a water ambassador.  On a Hawaiian Airlines flight to his native state of Hawaii on Sunday, Jason Momoa stunned the other passengers in the cabin. “Greetings, kakahiaka. Hello everyone, this is Jason Momoa “He made a statement over the intercom. He distributed Mananalu water bottles while in Hawaii and raised awareness of his business’s effort to ban single-use plastic water bottles.

Jason Momoa’s performance on Sunday’s Hawaiian Airlines flight to his home state of Hawaii astounded the other travelers. “Hello, kakahiaka. Hello, my name is Jason Momoa “He announced something over the intercom. While in Hawaii, he distributed Mananalu water bottles and spread the word about his company’s campaign to outlaw single-use plastic water bottles.

Mananalu wants to leave the planet in a better condition for next generations. Mananalu and Hawaiian Airlines hope to annually remove tens of thousands of plastic bottles from the world’s oceans and waterways. Over 35,000 pieces of plastic debris have already been retrieved in the first two months of our relationship.  For Momoa, the collaboration signifies the culmination of a thought process. When the concept for Mananalu first occurred to him, he was on a flight and was surrounded by single-use plastic water bottles. However, he observed that the soda, beer, and juice were all in aluminum cans.

That’s when the ‘aha’ moment happened. ‘Why can’t we just package water in aluminum instead of plastic?’ he thought. So, he did. And Mananalu was born. “Being able to serve it now is a dream coming true. And I’m so proud of Hawaiian Airlines for being the first airline to partner with Mananalu,” Momoa concludes.  Mananalu is a water company on a quest to cease using single-use plastic water bottles and to unplastic the earth. By removing plastic from every aluminum water bottle of Mananalu sold or donated, the company was founded by actor, activist, and Hawaiian native Jason Momoa. One drink, one removal.

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