Airline Does Its Part To Offset Carbon Emissions

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Turkish Airlines will introduce a new program called Co2mission with the aim of offsetting the carbon emissions brought on by flights. The program tries to balance out all of the emissions generated by employee business travel. As for the passengers, they will have the option to fly more sustainably on a voluntary basis. Through this scheme, the national flag carrier will make sure that carbon offset is attainable and useful for everyone with a concern for the environment.

The program’s website, which began operating on August 1, offers a wide range of portfolio alternatives for carbon offset with environmental and social benefits like renewable energy and forestation. If a passenger wants to purchase an emission reduction certification recognized by the UN, they can do so by making the required contribution to the project portfolio of their choice.

Turkish Airlines will not take any cuts from the passenger contributions; they will be used to support the initiatives that have been granted VCS and Gold Standard accreditation.  To participate in the carbon offset process, just provide the flight date and arrival/departure stations. No matter which airline a guest used to get there, they can finish the carbon offset procedure anytime they wish. The THY Co2mission platform makes it easy to determine the carbon offset amount using ICAO methodology, which takes route duration, aircraft type, fuel consumption, and many other parameters into account.

source prnewswire

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