Airline Promoting New Menu Featuring Vegan And Plant Based Meal Options

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Their flight menu features a variety of vibrant, fresh flavors drawn from the West Coast.  This summer, all cabins on Alaska Airlines will offer more gluten-free, plant-based, and vegan meal options, allowing passengers to unwind while flying.  We are paying attention to what our visitors have to say about their need for additional plant-based menu alternatives when they travel. The “Soy Meets World,” our new vegan alternative, is a gourmet, freshly cut salad created in collaboration with Evergreens, a West Coast-based brand.

the sky’s most extensive menu We take pride in providing our passengers with a selection of mouthwatering beverages and fresh, seasonally appropriate meal options on their flights. We currently have the industry’s most complete domestic food and beverage program. On flights as little as 550 miles, we provide three meal options in First Class, including our Signature Fruit & Cheese. Additionally, we provide a variety of food options in Main Cabin and Premium Class, including up to four fresh selections on flights over 1,100 miles and up to five snacks on trips over 223 miles, such the Mediterranean Tapas Pack (vegan and gluten-free).

From now until October, visitors can savor the seasonal fresh summer flavors of berries, summer squash, maize, citrus, and tomatoes. Visit to view all of our food and beverage options.  order meals in advance before takeoff In Alaska, getting the meal(s) you want is simple. Pre-order your favorite items with your reservation on our app or before your trip to enjoy snacks and freshly prepared meals made with fresh ingredients inspired by the West Coast.

Beginning 14 days before your travel and up to 20 hours before takeoff, you can order meals. Almost all flights lasting longer than two hours offer snacks and picnic packs, which don’t need to be ordered in advance. For touch-free in-flight purchases of food and beverages, Mileage Plan members can save a form of payment in their Mileage Plan account. More than 120 destinations are served by Alaska Airlines and our local partners in the United States, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Low guest fares, exceptional customer service, and sustainability initiatives are priorities for us. Alaska belongs to the OneWorld international alliance. Visitors can fly to more than 1,000 destinations on more than 20 airlines with the alliance and our other airline partners, earning and redeeming miles for trips across the globe.

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