Alaska Airlines Joins With Largest Commuter Airline To Expand Service

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Beginning early in the next year, a Hawaii-based airline will connect our customers with flights between islands to 10 locations spread around the state. Mileage Plan members will accrue points on flights operated by Mokulele. Alaska Airlines is enhancing its collaboration with Mokulele Airlines, its newest Mileage Plan partner, beginning in early 2023, as the airline marks 15 years of providing service to the Hawaiian Islands. We are collaborating to make it simpler and more convenient for our visitors to fly to more places around the islands.

Mokulele operates more than 800 flights a week, including as many as 150 during peak hours, to 10 locations all around the Aloha State, more interisland frequencies than any other airline in Hawaii. Our visitors will benefit from quicker access to seven new locations and two islands that are not directly served by Alaska thanks to connecting service on Mokulele, including Hilo, Lanai, and Molokai. The only airline in Hawaii that offers scheduled flights to Lanai and Molokai is Mokulele.

Here are some ways that our new collaboration with Mokulele Airlines will help our customers starting in early 2023:

Direct bookings for Mokulele flights will be possible on We’ll make that change to our website in the first few months of 2019.

When travelling on Mokulele, Mileage Plan members who buy their tickets directly from Alaska Airlines will accrue miles.

Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Island of Hawaii are the four largest islands, and there are an average of 30 nonstop peak-daily flights from seven West Coast cities (Anchorage, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego) to these islands. For almost 30 years, Mokulele Airlines has been in business. The largest commuter airline in the United States, Southern Airways, is the owner of the business. As part of its growth, Southern will add a second 28-seat Saab 340 plane to Mokulele’s fleet in November.

Honolulu on Oahu; Hana, Kahului, and Kapalua on Maui; Hilo, Waimea-Kohala, and Kona on Hawaii Island; Lanai City on Lanai; and Kalaupapa and Hoolehua on Molokai are among the ten Hawaiian locations served by Mokulele. Since 15 years ago, Alaska has been flying to Hawaii. On October 12, 2007, we began operating our inaugural trip between Seattle and Honolulu. Two weeks later, service between Seattle and Lihue, Kauai, began. Anchorage-Honolulu service then began in December 2007. Alaska started providing service to Kahului in Maui and Kona on the island of Hawaii in 2008.

We provide onboard amenities for a wonderful voyage to the islands with our award-winning service, including: Hundreds of free movies and TV shows can be streamed onboard to your own devices. Most flights are equipped with streaming-fast satellite Wi-Fi that is available for purchase. You can also pre-order from a variety of fresh meal options. Our planes have a three-class cabin that includes First Class and Premium Class. Additionally, there are no modification fees if you need to amend your trip itinerary.

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