American passengers stranded after an emergency landing

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American passengers stranded after an emergency landing

4 hours ago

Dozens of people were stranded in Europe for a second night on Saturday after their flight to the United States made an emergency landing in Dublin following an engine failure, passengers said.  Brussels Airlines Flight 101 was on its way from Brussels to New York on Friday when it’s pilots issued a “pan pan” message.

The message indicates an alert less serious than a ‘may-day’ message, aviation media and tracking websites said. The pilots asked to divert to Shannon airport in western Ireland but, switched to Dublin on instructions from the airline, according to Aviation Herald. Brussels Airlines a subdivision of Lufthansa, verified that the plane had diverted after an engine warning and said the pilots followed the protocol for such situations.

Passengers were sent to hotels in Dublin before being flown to Paris on Saturday, where many were unable to get additional flights to their destinations because of the overcrowding of New York days before thanksgiving in the U.S. Bernard Vidick said he was unable to get a follow on flight in Paris because the flight to Dublin had been delayed as well.

“We very much regret the inconvenience  this caused for our customers.” Brussels Airlines stated.

U.S. carriers are expecting congestion and delays next week as the Thanksgiving holiday starts within the labor shortfall the airlines are expecting.

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