Border retailers can’t help but worry despite the removal of travel restrictions

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SAN DIEGO (Border Report): The plan is to give away “We Love San Ysidro” hats to people entering the United States through the port of entry of San Ysidro on November 8, when the essential restrictions on vaccinated travel officially disappear .

The mayor of San Diego and other dignitaries are planning a big event on the border to commemorate a “new beginning.”

But some can’t help but wonder if Mexican tourists will return to the United States to go shopping, dinner, and visit when restrictions are lifted.

“This is not a reopening of the border, this has come back to life for us,” said Jason Wells, executive director of the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce.

Lessons for companies hard hit by border closures as they reopen in plain sight

According to Wells, members of the chamber finally have something to look forward to.

Jason Wells is the executive director of the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce. (Salvador Rivera / Border Report)

“I’m trying to find a business owner right now, but I won’t because they’re looking,‘ Okay, I’m retrieving people, I’m preparing my inventory ’… As I’ve said many times, the vast majority of our customers are going through this border on foot with tourist visas, these people have not been able to come ”.

Wells says the lifting of restrictions will come at the “right time.”

“We just surpassed last month the $ 1.3 billion in lost sales since March 2020, so that’s all for us and couldn’t come at a better time, 65 percent of our companies do its entire network between November 20 and January 6. ”

Unvaccinated border cruises will continue to be subject to non-essential travel restrictions until at least January.

On the west side of the port of entry of San Ysidro are several malls that are also looking to increase sales once restrictions are lifted.

A woman delighted to see the family soon, sick relative after 19 months of closing borders

“Their reliance exceeds 65 percent of Mexican crossers, it’s a big deal for the entire community,” Wells said.

While everyone, including Wells, seems optimistic, some store managers have told Border Report that the weak weight may decrease the purchasing power of some of their customers.

If you drive down San Ysidro Boulevard and check out the currency exchange houses, you’ll notice that it takes a little over 20 pesos to get $1.

Wells doesn’t see this as a big concern.

Lessons for companies hard hit by border closures as they reopen in plain sight

“I think the accumulated desire to visit San Ysidro is far greater than the exchange rate.”

Currency exchange houses along San Ysidro Boulevard. (Salvador Rivera / Border Report) Visit the homepage for the latest exclusive news and breaking news on issues on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Wells said the biggest concern should be waiting time at the border, saying it could be a big deterrent to keeping Mexico customers away.

“If we have five hours to reopen it doesn’t really matter much, does it?”

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