Christmas Shelf Elves Taking The Long Vacation To Vegas

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Silverton Casino opens its doors to retiring elves and provides a “Escape Plan” for tired parents.  Parents can remove their elves from the shelves this Christmas season and send them to retire in Vegas. #rebelswithoutaclaus #elfontheshelf

The Silverton Casino in Las Vegas will provide a new home for the retiring pixies as a unique service to parents who have grown tired of their family’s Christmas “Shelf Elves.” The casino is assisting parents who want to “formally” retire their elves by giving them the opportunity to reserve a seat at the BAD ELF pop-up holiday bar, which is the gathering place for all rebels without a Santa.

The bar is a lavish holiday extravaganza and is open periodically in November and December. Thousands of string lights, enormous decorations, and dozens of “retired” elves keeping watch from the ceiling above enchant guests throughout the entire bar. A full-sized Airstream trailer is decorated with Christmas red and green garland and has plastic reindeer perched on the roof as the finishing touch. The following will be given to citizens who mail their elves to the casino:

  • An “official” retirement certificate
  • A voucher good for a complimentary cocktail during their next visit to Las Vegas
  • Silverton Casino will donate a toy to a Las Vegas toy drive on their behalf

This holiday season, Silverton will give customers access to a “digital tool kit” that includes “tongue-in-cheek” letters that can be printed and shared with family members. These letters will include messages from the elf gushing about retirement and even pictures of the elf’s new Las Vegas acquaintances.

The Case of the Shelf Elf
The interactive “hide ‘n seek” game that includes the Shelf Elves has become a beloved holiday tradition among households with small children. A “Elf on a Shelf” boxed set, which has sold more than 13 million copies since its initial release in 2005, is how most elves are purchased. The little sprite fulfills the role of Santa’s “eyes and ears” during the Christmas season by making appearances in imaginative places every morning as part of the tradition.

After more than ten years of popularity, many parents find it difficult to keep up with their elf’s nightly antics throughout the holiday season. As a result, they are searching for a dignified way to put an end to the festive custom—a practical way to retire the little elf.

Making Retirement Arrangements
A note with the Shelf Elf’s name, hometown, and a physical address should be enclosed with any packages being sent to Las Vegas for the Shelf Elf. Address: Silverton Casino, 3333 Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas, NV 89139, Official Shelf Elf Retirement HQ. Shelf Elves can also be left at the Silverton Rewards window at Silverton Casino.  In 2022, Silverton Casino Hotel will mark its silver anniversary, marking 25 years in Las Vegas. The popular local casino offers 300 luxurious rooms and suites along with top-notch services, all of which are housed in an affluent resort with a modern luxury lodge concept. Modern gaming in 90,000 square feet at Silverton includes the most well-liked slot machines and table games. In the Best of Las Vegas awards, a 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium that is home to tens of thousands of sharks, stingrays, and tropical fish was named “Best Attraction.”
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