Coming: Theme Park Ride To Raise Awareness Of The Dangers That Climate Change Pose To Arctic Sea Life

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The fastest and longest straddle coaster on the West Coast will be Arctic Rescue.  Three thrilling launches with an increase in speed at each launch are part of a new family-friendly rollercoaster that requires riders to be 48″ tall. Before the formal opening, Annual Pass holders will be the first to ride.

Arctic Rescue, a much-anticipated coaster, will debut at SeaWorld San Diego in the spring of 2023. Arctic Rescue will be the longest and fastest straddle coaster on the West Coast, joining other thrill experiences at the entertainment park. Guests are invited to board a snowmobile for this family-friendly multi-launch trip and launch at up to 40 mph as they race through the erratic arctic climate to save animals in need. Adventurers of all ages will appreciate Arctic Rescue‘s thrills and chills because to its 48-inch height requirement.

The most innovative new coaster at SeaWorld will include a special interior launch station where riders will begin their journey inside the Wild Arctic exhibit and launch outside while perched atop a special snowmobile-style vehicle. Visitors will experience three thrilling launches at speeds of 34, 38, and 40 mph as they travel through the Arctic. Each rider may enjoy an immersive ride experience as they lean into bends and banks and glide up heights as tall as 30 feet around the 2,800 feet of track thanks to the straddle snowmobile-style seats. Each train, which is made by Intamin Worldwide, can accommodate 16 passengers in eight rows of two.

The Arctic is seeing three times as much global warming and unpredictable climate change as the rest of the world. Because of this, numerous species are in danger of extinction and are being forced to alter their hunting, mating, and migrating habits. As a result, the Arctic sea ice that many creatures depend on for existence is melting. The SeaWorld Rescue Team’s valiant efforts and commitment to saving animals in need of care served as inspiration for the ride. To save these endangered species, riders will contend with the erratic polar weather.

An annual pass is the greatest way to take advantage of Arctic Rescue and all that SeaWorld San Diego has to offer. Before the ride opens to all visitors in 2023, all Pass Members will be given access to special ride times to experience Arctic Rescue. With the BEST VALUE for visitors, SeaWorld San Diego is kicking off another fantastic year for Pass Members with wonderful perks including no blockout dates, up to six free guest tickets, and access to NEW special events. Among other bonuses, other advantages include FREE parking, exclusive discounts on goods, foods, and beverages, ride short lines, and behind-the-scenes animal excursions. Passes begin for a reasonable $12.50 per month.

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