Customs and Border Protection provides information ahead of US border reopening on Monday

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Vaccine testing is required for entry and there may be delays.

BUFFALO, NY – While Canadians have welcomed U.S. residents for what is considered a non-essential trip to their country since early August, the U.S. will finally allow Canadians and other foreign nationals to use our land border bridges to enter this country starting next Monday, November 8th.

It’s not summer travel time, but Canadians and other foreign nationals who finally want to come to the U.S. to see family, just go shopping or for other purposes, can finally do so on Monday with a vaccination test.

Matthew Davies, executive director of U.S. Customs and Border Protection for Passenger Eligibility, told reporters during a briefing today that: “Noncitizen travelers should have their evidence – their documentary evidence of The first step is a verbal certification, but at any time the officer requests it, they should have it available to present so as not to further slow down the vaccination process. inspection “.

He added: “We accept digital and paper records. So if people have an electronic record on the phone, that’s an acceptable vaccination test.”

AstraZeneca and other vaccines approved by the World Health Organization are also allowed even if they are different from the vaccines used in the US

One of the questions that always comes up when it comes to border crossings: what about children who can’t be vaccinated? There have been some clarifications on Customs and Border Protection, although the U.S. may be lowering its acceptable age for vaccination with new approvals.

“Any child under the age of 18 will be exempt from the vaccination requirement as long as they travel with a fully vaccinated adult,” Davies said.

Customs and Border Protection says be patient with this reopening and again suggests that anyone who comes have their documents, including vaccine documentation, available for an inspector to see to avoid delays.

And while assuring reporters that staffing will be at pre-COVID-19 levels in inspection booths, we pressed on recent reports showing CBP vaccination rates of 80%. 2 On Your Side asked, “Can you assure the public that you will in fact have enough staff on the northern border here in the Buffalo area to allow people to enter in a good way?”

Davies responded, “So let me address one aspect of your question, which is that we are laser-focused on vaccinating our workforce before the Nov. 22 deadline for federal employees. Like other agencies federals, we continue to collect vaccine. information from our employees as we approach the deadline. As I said, we know and hope that there will be waiting times as travel increases. ”

Davies also confirmed that as of January 2022, it will be CBP’s policy that all who cross the border should be vaccinated. It would then also include workers such as truck drivers involved in cross-border trade and transport who were previously considered essential without restrictions.

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