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Visitors of every age are warmly invited to have a ‘ball’ in the “OnePlus World” of fun right away.  OnePlus World, an exciting virtual theme park now open to visitors of all ages on Roblox, the well-known global online platform connecting millions of people via shared experiences, has been launched, according to executives from the global mobile technology company OnePlus.

The brand’s executives hired Transparent House, a creative production agency, to construct OnePlus World on Roblox. Transparent House oversaw the creation through its extensive global network.  Visitors enter OnePlus World close to the Event Center, a social hub offering group activities, seasonal events, and unique entertainment, with the stunning OnePlus Store nearby. OnePlus World is situated in a vast, mountainous, high-tech park snuggled along on a coastline.

It made sense to adapt the necessary “SuperVOOC” fast charging technology for OnePlus World play because actual OnePlus phone owners rely on it every day. Competitors can Fast Charge at charging stations located all across the park to move around even more quickly.  Getting about in OnePlus World is at least half the fun. When you can skydive or ride a zipline, why walk? Players can also ride futuristic motorcycles and shred on hoverboards, among other unconventional modes of mobility.

Additionally, daring players can search for secret spots and Treasure Mines as well as finish the “Never Settle” word game. Players will undoubtedly find out quickly: It’s a OnePlus World of fun whether they decide to take on the task of raising their Prestige Level or capture shared photo and video experiences with friends.  Transparent House is an international creative production company with offices in San Francisco and Berlin that specializes in the full-service creation of exceptional, photorealistic CGI storytelling and in creating cutting-edge original Extended Reality content to assist trailblazing brands in strategically mastering the Metaverse.

Transparent House is a premier provider of new and disruptive solutions tailored for product marketing, retail, and more. It has a strong foundation in design, architecture, 3D CGI, and perfect finishing.  Global mobile technology company OnePlus questions established notions of technology. OnePlus produces finely designed handsets with superior build quality and high-performance hardware, all under the motto “Never Settle.” With its user and fan communities, OnePlus relies on building trusting relationships and expanding alongside them.

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