Do You Have a Good Understanding of Scotland?

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Visitors to Scotland should expect the unexpected. Those who visit Scotland can expect to be amazed by its interesting history, legendary legends, and infinite eccentric experiences. So, in honor of National Tartan Day, here are some interesting facts that can pique the interest of an adventurous traveler planning a trip over the pond…

Scotland is known for its love of myths and tales and has a long history of them, so it’s no wonder that this mythological creature is the country’s adored national animal. The Scottish unicorn is frequently depicted with chains around its body. The unicorn was thought to be the most powerful of all animals, and the chains were said to represent the power of Scottish Kings, capable of taming even a unicorn! Learn more about Scotland’s legends and myths.

“Address to a Haggis,” one of the most renowned poems by Scotland’s most famous poet, was penned by Burns to express his love for the hearty Scottish cuisine. This poem is traditionally recited as a toast on Burns Night before the haggis is theatrically carved and the celebrations commence!

Scotland’s culture is woven with stories, and each village has its own unique story to share. Throughout the year, events such as the Edinburgh International Book Festival, The Borders Book Festival (regarded as one of the friendliest book festivals in the UK), the Dundee Summer (Bash) Streets Festival, the Wigtown Book Festival, and others promote the art of storytelling. For more information on activities commemorating the Year of Stories taking place around Scotland, go here.

Edinburgh is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, with an abundance of history, iconic attractions and beautiful green spaces. Its historic heart is one of the most striking and architecturally significant in the world, thanks to the dramatic juxtaposition of its medieval Old Town and the Georgian New Towns, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These two UNESCO World Heritage Sites form part of Scotland’s UNESCO Trail, a world-first which launched in October 2021.

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  1. I do not have a good understanding of Scotland. But going through your article I understand little about Scotland. This is a new type of information to me. Thank

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