Edu-vacation In Hawaiian For The Youth

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The reopening of Four Seasons Maui Academy—a seasonal program designed to be a modern ‘edu-(vacation)’ packed with complementary activities geared at teaching the resort’s youthful guests on Hawaii’s extraordinary culture and landscape—welcomes Spring Break travelers. The exciting program, which runs from March 14 to April 11, 2022, and again in July and August 2022, creates a genuine connection to Hawaii that will remain for years to come via the enchantment of hands-on learning and engaging storytelling.

Ocean Aloha, a new activity in which a Maui Ocean Center marine naturalist will inculcate the value of caring for our ocean via participatory learning, is a new activity in which children who are interested in learning more about ocean creatures can participate. Hawai’i Sea Turtle Rescue, a Fabien Cousteau Ocean Expeditions graphic novel, is included in Ocean Aloha. Hawai’i Sea Turtle Rescue tells the narrative of Fabien and two junior explorers as they go on a mission to save endangered sea turtles in Maui’s coral reefs, with help from Four Seasons Resort Maui and Maui Ocean Center.

Little stargazers and adventurers alike will be enthralled by navigator Kala Babayan Tanaka’s Hawaiian Star Stories on Saturday evenings, in which she tells her brave ancestors’ trek to the Hawaiian Islands, navigating only by the stars and other natural elements.

Ocean Aloha
Monday | 10am-11am | Complimentary

Learn about Maui’s unique marine life in an Ocean Explorer Live Touch Pool with sea stars, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins, taught by a Maui Ocean Center Marine Naturalist.

*For children aged 5 to 12 years old.

Hawaiian Star Stories
Saturdays | 8pm-8:30pm | Complimentary

Cozy up under Maui’s starry skies as Hawaiian navigator Kala Baybayan Tanaka tells the story of Polynesian wayfinders who traveled to the Hawaiian Islands using the stars, wind, and currents. Families will learn about voyagers’ spiritual ties to the Hawaiian Islands, their forefathers, and the environment.

*Recommended for children 8 and older. Must be accompanied by a guardian.

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