Enjoy Three Days And Two Nights Of A Simple Time During The Holiday Season

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This holiday season, going back to a simpler time doesn’t require time travel, although you could be excused for believing it did. The Simpler Times pre-planned trip itinerary from Travel Tacoma – Mt. Rainier Tourism and Sports includes three days and two nights of candlelight and carolers, boutique shopping, escapes in the garden, and strolls through enchanting, lit-up parks and zoos. We also can’t advise leaving your phone at home because you might need to take a fast picture for the ‘gram, but you can put it in your back pocket, put it on vibrate, or otherwise make it useless.

Tacoma as well as the surrounding towns of Sumner, Puyallup, Lakewood, and Gig Harbor are all included in the itinerary. Fort Nisqually Living History Museum lets you see Father Christmas before Coca-Cola gave us the cheery red-and-white image we’ve all come to know and love, keeping the journey leisurely and picturesque.  Other sought-after excursions along the way include an immersive Victorian-style holiday village, a holiday hayride and gift market at a nearby farm, and a peek-and-sip tour of a nearby award-winning craft distillery (nogs and toddies have been associated with the holidays since there have been holidays).

When you browse the stores on Tacoma’s Antique Row, each bursting with items made in a period before planned obsolescence and intentional disposability, shopping along this route takes on a new level of awe. You might locate a patinaed antique that, when given as a present to a loved one, finds a new glow and appreciation. Shopping down Main Street’s mom-and-pop businesses and bookshops is made more enjoyable by Sumner’s holiday street music.

The hotel stays and dining options are the staples of any itinerary because they create the atmosphere of the trip. A historical hotel stay and meals in century-old structures, as well as in teeny, tucked-away cafes and vintage diners, are all included in the Simpler Times itinerary.

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