Faster Ferry Facilitates Flight From The Jersey Shore To The Vineyard

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A new 750-seat high-speed passenger ferry has been commissioned to connect the Jersey Shore and NYC to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, making it the largest and fastest of its kind in the United States. Seastreak, a long-time leader in high-speed commuter ferry service between New York City and the Jersey Shore, is scheduled to resume service between New York City and Highlands, NJ, and major summer locations in New England. Passengers will be able to sail to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard with Seastreak beginning Memorial Day weekend.

This route is not only the longest passenger ferry travel in the United States, but it will also take place this year aboard Courageous, the country’s largest and fastest high-speed passenger catamaran. The Courageous is a few feet longer than Seastreak’s Commodore, which began service in 2018 and was previously the largest vessel in this class. This will be Seastreak’s 12th season of service to some of New England’s most picturesque islands, departing from New York City and Highlands, NJ.

While the ship has 750 seats, Seastreak will limit the number of passengers to 500 in order to provide a more premium travel experience. There will be a complete bar on board, as well as a choice of food options. The vessel was built at the Midship Marine shipyard in Harvey, Louisiana, and arrived in her home port of Highlands, New Jersey, in December. Seastreak has been using Courageous for weekday commuter service to New York City since then. On May 27th, The Courageous will make her first trip to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Service will be available till the beginning of September.

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