First All Civilian Lunar Mission Via SpaceX

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Eight Crew Members Join Starship Lunar Mission, Says Yusaku Maezawa.  Yusaku Maezawa (CEO, Start Today, Inc.) announced that the crew for “dearMoon,” the first all-civilian endeavor to travel around the Moon aboard Starship, a rocket being created by SpaceX, has been chosen. There will be 8 crew members and 2 backup crew members.

Maezawa issued a call in March 2021 on the dearMoon website, inviting more varied talents to apply for the chance to travel to space. More than 1 million applications were received from 249 different nations and territories. Together with Maezawa, the 8 crew members will orbit the moon for almost 7 days before landing back on Earth. Steve Aoki, Rhiannon Adam, Tim Dodd, Yemi A D, Brendan Hall, Karim Illya, TOP / Choi Seung Hyun, and Dev D Joshi are the primary crew members.

Maezawa’s stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in December 2021 allowed him to realize his aspiration of traveling to space. This will be his next test as he embarks on the first-ever all-civilian journey around the Moon.

source start today inc.


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