Flight bookings in the United States jump after key travel announcements, ForwardKeys reports

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USA. ForwardKeys has released new research revealing that flight bookings in the United States have skyrocketed on the back of two key announcements that the country would reopen to vaccinated foreign travelers. According to travel data analyst figures, by mid-October, weekly bookings exceeded 70% of pre-pandemic levels.

The first announcement was made on September 20th. The White House said visitors from the UK, Ireland, the 26 Schengen countries, China, India, South Africa, Iran and Brazil could enter the US without being quarantined, as long as they were completely vaccinated.

This chart clearly shows the increase in flight booking activity in the United States after the two key announcements about travel restrictions (click to enlarge)

In response, the weekly reserves of the United Kingdom increased by + 83%, from Brazil they jumped by + 71% and from the EU a huge + 185% was observed.

The second White House announcement was made on October 15, when November 8 was named as the date the restrictions were lifted. According to ForwardKeys data, weekly bookings rose again significantly, jumping + 15% in the UK, + 26% in the EU and + 100% in Brazil.

Reservations for future trips to the US made from the UK, EU and Brazil the week following each ad (click to enlarge)

ForwardKeys noted that from the distribution of confirmed bookings for arrival in the U.S. during the months of November and December from these three home markets, there were two clear peaks.

The first was to travel immediately after the relaxation of restrictions during the week that began on November 8, with the United Kingdom, Brazil and the EU achieving 15% of all flight bookings in the United States. . The second maximum was during the Christmas period, with the three home markets reaching 16% of bookings during the Christmas week and 14% the previous week.

Percentage of all flight tickets in the United States from the combined source markets of the UK, EU and Brazil over the next two months (click to enlarge)

ForwardKeys Head of Market Intelligence Juan Gómez said: “These data demonstrate once again the huge accumulated demand for travel. People immediately learned that they would be allowed to visit the United States again, they booked and a substantial proportion booked to fly as soon as they could.

“It is also interesting to note that reservations increased once a specific date was given. This is not entirely surprising for two reasons. First, the certainty of a particular date inspires confidence.

“Secondly, those who want to travel before the end of November could not afford the commitment until they knew for sure that they could travel when they wished. I am optimistic that in the coming weeks we will see a sharp increase in bookings in the US for the Christmas period. “

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