Foundation Offers Treasure State First Responders, Veterans And Active Duty Members Free Retreats This Year

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This year, Montana active military, veterans, first responders, and their spouses can attend a free retreat hosted by the Mighty Oaks Foundation. A donation from the Gianforte Family Foundation will pay the costs of attending the workshops in California, Virginia, Texas, and Ohio. The Men’s and Women’s Legacy retreats are rigorous peer-to-peer programs designed to assist Montana soldiers in overcoming daily problems as well as the long-term impacts of trauma, including as PTSD, so that they can live lives of purpose and leadership. Individual needs are taken into account when scheduling. Mighty Oaks also offers Aftercare, Military Resiliency, and Marriage Advance, a follow-up program for couples.

Mighty Oaks’ objectives include bringing the suicide rate among warriors to zero, assisting in the healing of shattered families, and lowering veteran family divorce rates. According to a September 2019 data from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans had a suicide rate 1.5 times that of non-veteran adults. According to the US Census Bureau, Montana has one of the highest percentages of veterans per capita of any state in the country, second only to Alaska.

The faith-based retreats offer a non-clinical, confidential, and open atmosphere that fosters companionship and community. Mighty Oaks covers all meals, housing, and travel expenses in addition to providing free programming. Participants come from various walks of life and faiths. Chad Robichaux, the creator and president of Mighty Oaks, is a former Force Recon Marine and Department of Defense contractor who served in Afghanistan on eight occasions. He has received a medal of valor and has been involved in a number of high-profile advocacy efforts, including chairing a White House veterans’ coalition and assisting in the recovery of more than 15,000 American citizens and allies from Afghanistan through the Save Our Allies mission, which he co-founded with other military veterans.

If you or someone you know would want to join a Mighty Oaks retreat, go to their website to apply and learn more:

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