Glamping Comes To National Park

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Travelers may now support two family-owned businesses committed to sustainable practices right on the doorstep of Yosemite National Park. Sierra Meadows is a glamping resort known for its environmental initiatives. The site was originally purchased as a golf course, but the proprietors worked hard to develop it into a haven for eco-conscious guests. The rewilding environment is now populated with drought-tolerant plants, pathways, and a sculpture park, rather than a golf course.

Restoring natural animal habitat was simply the beginning, which was inspiring. In 2017, these Earth-allies erected a large solar panel system, which generates more electricity than the resort requires. There is free EV charging, an all-electric fleet for their housekeeping workers, and a shift to all-electric landscaping equipment is the most recent enhancement.

Plastic water bottles are no longer used at Sierra Meadows. Despite the lack of single-use plastics, their well-insulated cabins are energy and water efficient, as well as well-appointed. Goods are ordered in bulk and delivered on pallets with as little packing as feasible. Pedal Forward Bikes and Adventure is another company improving outside of Yosemite. The bike store only uses biodegradable cleaners, buys bamboo toilet paper and wash cloth shop rags for bike cleanings, buys t-shirts and coffee from small local businesses, and gives clients the choice of buying used parts in good condition rather than buying new ones.

For shipment, they repurpose boxes, foam, and bubble wrap. They recycle, of course, but they’ve also kept track of the data. Their total waste in 2021 was 2,330.7 lbs. The total weight of all recyclables was 2,178.8 lbs, resulting in a 93.5 percent landfill diversion! Achieving “zero waste” requirements is defined as having a waste reduction rate of more than 90%.

These two enterprises near Yosemite’s southern gateway are dedicated to putting their money where it counts in order to make a positive impact on the environment.

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