Harry Kane makes an elegant gesture to the Tottenham fan who travels from the United States after the Burnley match is postponed

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Tottenham striker Harry Kane has invited a couple of fans who traveled from America to Burnley to a home game in the future following the postponement of the match against Sean Dyche’s side.

The match was to be played on Sunday afternoon, but the weather interfered. Heavy snowfall in Lancashire forced the match to be postponed, with the ground covered by a blanket of snow despite the best efforts of those trying to clear it.

The match will be played at a later date and also means the Spurs will have to wait until Thursday to play next, when they host Brentford in the Premier League at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

After the postponement, coach Antonio Conte stated: “We are disappointed that we didn’t play today and also for you, our fans.

“We know that you had a long journey to come to Burnley and watch the game. Thank you for this. We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday..”

While many made the long trip from London to Lancashire, a couple made an even longer trip before the game was canceled.

With Twitter the night before the match, @ SaxyKen17 said: “Dallas to London to Burnley (almost there) 31 hours – no sleep – fuelled by coffee, cheese crackers and more coffee. Frigid temps and snow predicted for match day. The things we do when you love your club.”

The news of the cancellation of the match would have been a big disappointment given the trip, but Spurs striker Kane was quick to offer the couple an invitation to a home game as long as they were in London.

The England captain took to Twitter on Sunday evening to say: “Just been sent this tweet and absolutely gutted for you! For your commitment and to make up for the match being called off I’d like to invite you to a home game as my guest when you’re next in London.”.

For Spurs fans it was a disappointing way to spend a Sunday, traveling all the way to Burnley and only finding out less than an hour before the start that the match would be postponed.

And for the club it represents another headache, with Conte’s team having to fit into another game on an already tight schedule. With nine games scheduled for December, the team is very unlikely to return to Turf Moor until the New Year, a task that will only be complicated if the Spurs qualify for the next round of the European Conference League. .

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