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Honey Island in Brazil is as delightful to visit as it sounds, yet the magnificent beaches aren’t the only draw to this coastal paradise. Ilha do Mel, Brazil’s Honey Island, is located somewhere in the South Atlantic and is a place of practically unspoilt beauty and unending wonder. Ilha do Mel is an ecological resort that is off-the-beaten-path and off-the-grid, making it ideal for adventures, relaxation, and enjoying nature.

An Environmental Paradise It’s only a short boat ride away. There are no paved roads, autos, or animal transportation on the island because it is a natural reserve, and there is no public electricity. There is no frantic traffic, no noises of automobiles or horns, no busy metropolitan life, only the sand beneath your toes and the surge of the sea behind the trees on Ilha do Mel, where tourism is capped at 5,000 people per day and the local population is one thousand.

Ilha do Mel is ideal for a relaxed off-grid holiday – but don’t worry, it’s not really off-grid, as there are lovely, comfy hotels, interesting bars, restaurants, and, of course, wifi! Ilha do Mel has no shortage of fantastic things to offer its guests, including stretches of white sand beaches, enchanting walks through the forest, mermaid caverns, and battle forts.

What Can You Do On The Honey Island Ilha do Mel has a few communities, mostly in Encantadas and Nova Brasilia, separated by swaths of protected forest, where the restaurants, significant attractions, and departure points are all located. Take Advantage of the Beaches
As an island, it’s only natural that Honey Island’s greatest draw would be its beaches. Deserted, undeveloped beaches accompany more popular beaches with historical buildings and visitor facilities on Ilha do Mel.

Miguel Beach, between the communities of Nova Brasilia and Encantada, is known for its peaceful isolation. Natural pools, often known as “Mermaids’ Baths,” are an ultra-relaxing marvel in the modest Praia de Fora Beach. Every year, surfers from all over the country flock to Praia Grande; on Honey Island, there will be a beach for every type of traveler.

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