Hotel Brand Known For Being ‘Playful’ Brings Augmented Reality To Asia

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Breaking the Limits of Multiple Dimensions from the Hotel into the Virtual World, Moxy channels its “Play On” Spirit. The “Moxy Universe, Play Beyond” augmented reality experience has officially launched in Asia Pacific, according to Moxy Hotels, one of 30 unique brands in Marriott Bonvoy‘s portfolio. Created for those who are still young at heart, Moxy defies convention by bringing its “Play On” experiences from the hotel to the virtual world via the Moxy Universe.

From July 12 through December 31, 2022, visitors are welcome to explore the Moxy Universe with their own avatar in 12 Moxy hotels in Asia Pacific, from Shanghai to Tokyo. Visitors can access the Moxy Universe on their mobile devices in advance of checking in at each hotel to create their own avatar with a variety of hairstyles, clothing, and accessories.

A specific QR marker will be scanned by guests at the hotel’s iconic Bar Moxy to instantly join the Moxy Universe, where they can complete at least five challenges in the hotel’s guest rooms and public areas to win fantastic rewards. Visitors can fully immerse themselves in the constantly-active environment of Moxy at the hotel and open tasks in the Moxy Universe at the same time, whether as guests or avatars. Enter Bar Moxy, the hotel’s social hub, which also serves as the front desk and welcomes guests with a “Got Moxy” cocktail.

Once they have their hotel keys, visitors may scan the QR code at the bar to experience holographic projections and take pictures with life-sized avatars while enjoying specially crafted cocktails. To satisfy any late-night appetites, guests may access what they want, whenever they want, at Moxy’s 24/7 Grab & Go self-service concept. By taking a picture of themselves with their avatar and using the hashtag #moxyuniverse, visitors to the Grab & Go area can also unlock a challenge.

A virtual friend who can also be your workout partner might make working out much more enjoyable. At the hotel’s 24-hour fitness center, which is furnished with a boxing bag, a replica race cycle, and other tools, visitors can accept the challenge and work out alongside their avatar. The chic and practical bedrooms at Moxy combine edgy accents with useful features and are skillfully planned to maximize space, giving guests the freedom to customize the space to their needs. The avatar will need all the space when they begin busting out dance steps on the bed for the challenge, so take advantage of the clever features like a fun-sized work area and peg walls instead of closets.

The Moxy brand’s lively and joyful vibe can be found in a variety of exciting locations throughout Asia Pacific, including the Moxy Osaka Shin Umeda, which is located close to Osaka’s hopping entertainment and shopping areas. The iconic Bar Moxy, vibrant areas like The Terrace, and the graffiti-covered Lounge are just a few examples of the brand’s enthusiastic lifestyle touches.

The Moxy Seoul Insadong makes the ideal basecamp for the young-at-heart to let loose in the city because it is situated right in the center of Seoul. Visitors may take in the expansive city views from Seoul at Moxy’s eccentric rooftop bar before hitting the town. The first Moxy hotel in Mainland China, Moxy Shanghai Hongqiao NECC, also takes play seriously. The vivacious hotel crew members are constantly eager to engage guests in humorous interactions through board games and entertaining activities.

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