Luxury Hotel Opening In Kyoto Will Celebrate Local Culture Mid 2025

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The opulent hotel was created to honor Kyoto, Japan‘s excellent aesthetic and culture. Capella Hotels and Resorts will debut in Japan with the opening of Capella Kyoto in the middle of 2025. The opulent four-story, 92-room hotel, created by the renowned architectural firm Kengo Kuma and Associates, will be situated in Kyoto’s Miyagawa-ch neighborhood, a key geiko (geisha) and maiko (apprentice geisha) zone and cultural asset.
Capella Kyoto, which is distinguished by the vibrant Japanese art scene, emulates Higashiyama culture with its collection of Japanese artworks and artifacts. The hotel’s interior decor and architecture frame each individual artwork and its narrative, serving as a showcase of Higashiyama’s artistic history. In order to provide visitors a fully immersive experience, the guest rooms themselves focus on important facets of Japanese culture, such as the tea ceremony.
It is located next to the well-known Kenninji Temple and is easily accessible by foot from the popular Gion neighborhood, Yasaka Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, Ninenzaka tourism area, and the bustling Nishiki Market across the Kamo River. Capella Kyoto embraces its surroundings wholeheartedly in this respect. As guests move about the hotel, they will encounter private areas that are in contrast to stunning views of Kyoto’s surroundings. Important aspects of Japanese art and architecture including composition, balance, and harmony are echoed in the layered spaces.
Visitors can anticipate a tranquil setting where time seems to slow down when combined with the peaceful colors and textures of Capella Kyoto’s interior design. This precise emotion is reflected in the hotel’s central Japanese garden courtyard. The bamboo courtyard with a lone Japanese maple on the edge of a small pond with pebbled shoreline, known as ichigo-ichie (one life, one moment), provides the peaceful and meditative atmosphere that is desired.
The Capella ballroom is located below the Japanese bamboo courtyard and faces a multi-story interior rock garden atrium that serves as the focal point of the pre-function space. On the same floor is Capella’s famed Auriga Spa, which features treatment rooms that provide the luxuries of a private Onsen experience for a taste of Japan’s renowned bathing culture. There is a selection of other therapies that use fine organic, natural products and traditional procedures to promote increased wellness.

Dine at the hotel’s signature restaurant, which was designed as a contemporary brasserie with an adjacent pâtisserie and is organized around the inner bamboo courtyard next to the Capella Living Room, or at the Japanese restaurant, which is tucked away in the hotel’s southeast corner with a sunken garden. The Carte Blanche is a third option that provides an immersive dining experience with an emphasis on creative food and beverage pairings, omakase-style, in a relaxed and private environment.

A development between Miyagawa-ch Kaburenjo, an opera theater that features well-known female geiko and maiko dances such the Kyo-Odori, and Miyagawa Maiko Performance School was developed by NTT Urban Development Corporation, a comprehensive real estate corporation under the NTT Group. The collection of Capella Hotels and Resorts includes establishments in Singapore, Ubud, Bangkok, Hanoi, Shanghai, and Hainan. Exciting new locations like South Korea, the Maldives, Sydney, and Japan will be opening soon.

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