Next Gen Landscaper Joins Luxury Hotel Chain To Design Garden Program

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Studio Lily Kwong Debuts Three Healthy & Purposeful JW Garden Projects Today

As part of the brand’s JW Garden initiative, W Marriott, which is part of Marriott Bonvoy’s network of 30 outstanding hotel brands, has unveiled three herb gardens designed and planted by renowned landscape designer Lily Kwong. Kwong is the creator of Business Lily Kwong, a next-generation landscape design studio with a purpose to reconnect people to environment. Her passion for nature comes alive through her magnificent floral installations.

JW Marriott is guided by similar principles, with a focus on mindfulness that helps guests to be present in their minds, nourished in their bodies, and regenerated in their spirits – all of which are cornerstones of the JW Garden experience. JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort & Spa, and JW Marriott Essex House New York are all home to Kwong’s JW Garden initiatives.

The JW Garden was inspired by J. Willard Marriott, who took daily nature walks and his wife Alice, who planted fruits, vegetables, and herbs for her famed Sunday night dinners, according to Marriott family tradition. JW Marriott hotels around the world now have their own JW Garden where they cultivate fresh produce and herbs that are utilized in recipes, cocktails, oils, and more.


Lily Kwong used reused, low-emission materials like stucco in each JW Garden, as well as water-conserving techniques like drip irrigation and mulching and the avoidance of spray insecticides and fungicides commonly used in commercial gardens. Kwong’s experience will be shared through a JW Garden Toolkit, which will be shared with other JW Garden projects around the world, in addition to the gardens she has planted.

Kwong and her colleagues designed each JW Garden around aromatic herbs to provide a thoughtful, multi-sensory experience while also supporting the hotel’s culinary offerings. For each, a trademark herb was chosen to be gathered and used throughout the guest experience, from cooking garnishes and butters to spa oils and washes.

The result is a trio of classic kitchen gardens with a twist, integrating quiet moments like a meditative trail through olive trees at JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa and Shou Sugi Ban seats inside the JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort & Spa.

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