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The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau is encouraging people to take a road trip to the OBX this year, as generations of families have done to decompress and chase simple experiences on the North Carolina coast’s outskirts. Visitors visiting the Northern Beaches, for example, are leaping off gigantic sand mountains, drinking windmill-brewed beverages, and eating wild caught seafood tasty enough to make you dance in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Southern Shores, and Duck.

Nags Head was one of the first areas in North Carolina where people began to build and visit coastal cottages on the continent’s edge. The town’s name comes from a centuries-old tradition about local pirates who used a lamp strung around the neck of an old nag to cause ships to crash on the shore.

Then they’d search through the cargo looking for gifts. The name Kill Devil Hills comes from a steep sand dune where ages ago, some shipwreck salvagers secreted a cargo of rum potent enough to vanquish the devil. Today, you don’t have to put in as much effort to adequately prepare for your vacation. The Outer Banks boasts a lot of unique shops and eateries that you won’t find anyplace else in the world. We also feel that fitness and inspiration can work nicely together.

Enjoy a bird’s eye perspective of the island while walking to the top of the Wright Brothers National Memorial to admire Orville and Wilbur’s efforts to get people to fly. Because it was the largest settlement on the beach at the time, Kitty Hawk gets a part of the First Flight credit. Duck gets its name from the abundance of waterfowl and a part in the history of feather forward fashion, did you know? Homes in Southern Shores are as lovely as the name suggests.

The Northern Beaches also contain popular brand hotels, vintage motels on the National Register, interesting condo resorts, and even some camping, as die-hard fans know. The coastal towns allow you to stay in the heart of the OBX while still having access to indoor and outdoor activities like fishing, surfing, kayaking, and even hang gliding down soft sand dunes.

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