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Swedish Acamp buys the app Ställplats and now gathers over 100,000 users in the Nordic region. Now the focus is on exports in Europe.

Newly launched Acamp was launched in 2021 and describes itself as something of an Aribnb for campers. The platform now collects ads from Skåne to Tornedalen, where campers can rent pitches to park the motorhome on by private individuals. For the inconvenience, Acamp takes a commission of 10 percent of the revenue. Acamp is his third corporate venture. Among other things, he joined as a co-founder of Acast in 2013, and has managed to work a turn as Nordic manager at Spotify.

Earlier this year, Acamp filled the coffers with SEK 25 million. The money comes from Spintop Ventures, LRF Ventures and Centripetal Capital and will go to employ more employees and develop the product – as well as an acquisition of the app Ställplats för secret secret. But Acamp has set its sights even beyond the Nordic borders. Within the next year, it plans to include northern Europe in its platform.

Öjje Holt points out the German market as important, but the Netherlands also attracts. In addition to the possibility of renting a pitch to camp on, users can also book and advertise experiences in connection with the trip. With a focus on product development, the plan is also for users to be able to buy experiences together with the pitch via their platform.

At present, camping ovens can, for example, book a place next to a pub for craft beer or at a ranch. Including the new capital, Acamp has now raised SEK 40 million since the start. The largest owners today are Centripetal Capital, followed by Spintop Ventures and LRF. It also has a number of smaller shareholders – among these are the artists Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare and Agnes Carlsson.


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