Online Travel Company Lists Florida City As A Top Spring Break Site

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According to Tripadvisor data, Orlando is the most popular spring travel destination for Americans, with Hawaii and European locations also on the rise.

The long-awaited arrival of spring is nearly upon us, after a winter of snowstorms and cold temperatures wreaked havoc on cities across the United States. Tripadvisor issued its annual Spring Travel Index today, based on a combination of search and sentiment data to determine what’s hot this spring. Travel is in full bloom this spring, after a sluggish winter with new arrivals delaying many vacation plans.

Despite rising fuel prices and overall inflation, consumers aren’t willing to allow their spring vacation plans be hampered. In fact, more than half of Americans (53%) expect to travel this spring (March 1 to May 31, 2022), with more than a third (39%) planning two or more trips. This is a big increase from the slightly over a third of Americans (35%) who said they traveled this winter (December 1, 2021 – February 28, 2022).

Travelers are expected to spend more money in addition to doing more trips. Over half (51%) of Americans who traveled last spring and plan to do so again say they will spend more than they did in 2021, with nearly a quarter (23%) saying they would spend “much more.” Indeed, according to Tripadvisor data, the average spend per booking for U.S. travelers this spring is up 87 percent year over year (YOY).

The most popular travel dates for Americans in spring, according to Tripadvisor search statistics, are March 31, March 11, and March 12, respectively, indicating that busier flights and roads are just around the horizon!

What are their plans?
Although domestic travel is still the most popular among Americans, with 77 percent planning to travel within the country between March and May this year, foreign travel is regaining popularity. This spring, nearly a quarter of Americans (23%) plan to vacation worldwide. In fact, seven of the top ten fastest growing destinations this spring (based on YOY growth) are located outside of the United States. The top three most popular international travel destinations this spring are the classic European cities of Paris, London, and Rome.

In the United States, Hawaii is enjoying the most YOY growth, owing to the state’s recent relaxation of travel restrictions. When it comes to attracting the most visitors, Orlando, Florida is expected to be the most popular location for Americans this spring. Orlando is a perennially popular springtime holiday destination for families. Meanwhile, Cancun, Mexico, our southern neighbor, is the most popular overseas vacation for Americans this spring.

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