Ottawa’s COVID-19 test rules for travel to the United States make little sense, according to BC Prime Minister

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The Prime Minister of British Columbia says the federal government’s COVID-19 testing rules on travel to and from the United States make little sense to him.

John Horgan says he believes the Ottawa testing requirement contrasts with the point of staying safe and that he could take a test in Vancouver, travel to the United States and return in 72 hours with the same test.

He adds that he is concerned that people are taking advantage of the system: whether people can falsify symptoms by doing a free trial in order to use the results to travel.

Horgan says his concerns about the evidence were partly behind his decision not to accept an invitation to visit Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee.

The provincial government announced Thursday that it was issuing several COVID-19-related orders aimed at limiting the spread of the infection as the fourth wave swept across the province.

The COVID-19 related measures law was due to be repealed on December 31, but the government says in a statement that changes will be made to the bill in the legislature.

The act allows key legal documents to be witnessed remotely and allows courts to say what proceedings can be conducted remotely.

It also supports the provincial health officer’s orders to impose conditions on long-term care facilities where staff can work in an effort to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

The law provides liability protection to individuals or businesses that provide essential services by operating a business that benefits the community, as long as they comply with public health orders.

The government says it is issuing notice of changes to allow these organizations or companies to plan beyond the initial deadline.

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