People in Vermont, Canada, excited for the border to reopen

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The anticipation is growing along the U.S. land border with Canada, ahead of Monday’s reopening to leisure travelers.

Since August, Americans have been able to drive to Canada, but Canadians have not been able to drive south.

“I feel like it’s finally almost like a dream come true,” said Emilie Masse of Montreal, adding that she can’t wait to visit New England again.

The U.S. border has been closed to leisure travelers like Emilie since the start of the pandemic, as a measure aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

If you are planning a trip to Canada, the rules blocking tourist visits for fully vaccinated people are lifted.

Starting Monday, Canadians who are fully vaccinated against COVID and their children will be able to cross back south.

Vermont communities that regularly receive regular visits from Canadians applauded last month’s announcement that the border would reopen.

“All my friends and family, everyone is planning a trip to get there,” Masse said.

Masse is the April daughter-in-law of April Cornell of Burlington, Vermont. who is Canadian and runs a well-known clothing, linen and home decor business in Burlington.

“It’s like our sister country,” Cornell said of Canada.

He said he is looking forward to welcoming his loved ones like Masse and others as well as his Canadian customers in time for the holiday shopping season.

“We’re delighted,” Cornell said of the return of travelers from Canada. “We really missed them. We also have employees in Canada, so you know we can’t see them in person: a lot of Zoom calls. ”

NECN has heard complaints from some Canadians via social media and email indicating that they could delay a visit to the US a bit more due to their government’s travel requirements. That is, they will have to prove that they tested negative for COVID within 72 hours of their return to the border, and this negative result cannot be a quick test.

The U.S. border will soon reopen to holiday Canadians, leaving many in Vermont and northern New England happy after the long, forced shutdown by the pandemic.

You can find more information about policies for vaccinated travelers entering Canada here.

“It’s important to plan ahead,” advised Jenney Samuelson, deputy secretary of the Vermont Human Services Agency.

Samuelson said Wednesday that the agency anticipates that reopening the border will lead to increased demand for evidence in Vermont.

Samuelson pointed out that Canadians can be tested at Vermont state sites at no cost to them, and they should get results in 48 hours or so.

“When we see that there are times when there are more people in a place than the venue can normally host, we will add schedules or appointments continuously, so we can make sure that Vermont residents and their guests have the opportunity to get tested, ”Samuelson said. .

He noted that appointments have already been added for Thanksgiving week due to an expected desire to try.

More information on how to get tested for COVID-19 in Vermont is available on this state website.

Masse said as she hopes to travel to several states and should make sure the time of running a test before returning to Canada, she may have to pay a few hundred dollars for her and her husband. be tested.

“The $ 300 won’t stop me from making this trip,” the Montreal resident said, adding that she will gladly jump through logistical hoops to plan a getaway to Cape Cod and see her loved ones again in Vermont. .

“I’m very excited,” Masse said of Monday’s reopening of the border.

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