PHL advises travelers to arrive early at the airport for Thanksgiving flights

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Passengers driving to PHL should also plan ahead when it comes to parking, following the airport’s decision to keep its economic terrain closed.

“Our on-site garages will be filled to the brim,” Redfern said. “We ask people to make off-site parking reservations now. Make alternative plans. Take the SEPTA regional train. Have a friend or family member drop you off, share cars, taxis and limousines. But if you have to drive, you’ll have to to leave even more time to try to find a spot in the parking lot, or if you can’t find a spot, make an alternative plan on the spot. ”

Redfern said they still forecast a 20% decrease in travel compared to the 2019 peak, but both changes at the airport and the TSA can be confusing for people who haven’t flown for a year or more. .

“Change is a challenge. And when you’re used to a routine and you get on autopilot, it can be stressful for that routine to be interrupted, ”he said.“ So now we ask people to do their homework for any part of your trips before you arrive. at the airport “.

He also encouraged passengers to sign up for their flights online to facilitate their travels.

Jana Tidwell, of the AAA Mid-Atlantic, said they predict that many people will give up air travel and go out on the highways to spend a vacation with family and friends.

“This Thanksgiving Day will look very different from last year. We’re talking about the pre-pandemic travel volume this year and that will translate into road congestion,” Tidwell said.

According to AAA, 53 million individuals will travel over the holiday season, with 90% of them opting for a road trip, resulting in 48 million Americans clogging the nation’s highways. To minimize traffic bottlenecks, Tidwell recommends spreading out your travels.

“If you can travel during off peak times, if you have that flexibility, do so. Leave earlier in the morning, later in the evening — that will definitely cut down on your travel time,” she said. “It will also save you some gas along the way.”

Another tip: leave early on Thanksgiving morning, when traffic will be considerably lighter than the night before.

Because people are being kept indoors due to the pandemic, Tidwell recommends making sure your car is prepared to travel for a long period of time.

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