Prep Your Home Before Vacation With These Tips

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So, as you’re packing your bags for the sun, snow, or adventure that awaits you, make sure your home is ready for your absence. You can relax on the beach without worrying about whether you remembered to lock the front door if you plan ahead and install much-needed smart security gadgets.

Here’s what you should do before you go. If you leave your house empty while you’re away, it’s prone to break-ins. To keep robbers out, you don’t have to use any Home Alone-style measures. Create the illusion that someone is at home instead. Using timers for your lights can assist. As a result, your lights turning on and off at different times denotes that someone is at home. Installing a motion-activated light outside can also help, as it will respond to any movement and notify your neighbors to any unexpected visitors.

If your Alexa or other smart device, is connected to your house lighting system, using the routine feature makes this simple.

In the spirit of neighbors, enlist the help of a friend or house sitter to keep an eye on your home and bring in the mail. (If you don’t have somebody to check in on you, have the USPS hold your mail while you’re gone.) This increases the amount of visible activity in your home. Even better, have a neighbor park their car at your house for the day so you have someone coming and departing.

You should show the person sitting for you where the circuit breaker and water valves are in case of a significant weather event or neighborhood power loss.

In the event of a snowstorm, you should not cease lawn mowing (depending on the season you’re traveling) or plowing or shoveling if you’re going on a longer trip. It will not only save you time and headaches when you return from your trip, but it will also show you what maintenance and monitoring is taking place at your property.

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