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Discover Puerto Rico announces the

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With experiences and goods inspired by the “Puerto Rico Sunshine” color, which was established by measuring the hue of the Puerto Rican sun, DMO launches “Sunshine Route” and “Sunshine Shop.” The island’s destination marketing organization (DMO), Discover Puerto Rico, has introduced two new and distinctive methods for tourists to #LiveBoricua both on and off the Island: the Sunshine Route and the Sunshine Shop. In homage to Pantone’s creation of Puerto Rico Sunshine as the island’s official color, the route includes a number of stops where travelers can actually experience the iconic sunshine through adventure, beauty, cuisine, fashion, and more, while the shop handpicks regional goods for customers to enjoy.

The map offers directions so that visitors can drive anywhere on the Island and enjoy some sunshine, which is known to be uplifting, especially during the winter. Visitors can stop at Distrito T-Mobile, Puerto Rico’s enormous entertainment complex, starting in the San Juan metro area, where they can witness a special light show inspired by Puerto Rico Sunshine on their 14,000 feet of LED screens. After that, visit Seor Paleta and Indulge Chocolat to pick up a Sunshine popsicle or bon-bon to savor while admiring the spectacular Puerto Rican sunset over San Juan Bay.

Following that, fans can experience an amazing sunrise at Playa Isla Verde before going to aWa Outdoor to purchase a Puerto Rico Sunshine cooler backpack that features petroglyphs created by the island’s indigenous Tanos people. For more sunshine, travelers can continue on to Rincón, Ponce, Jayuya, and other locations. The new Sunshine Shop on Discover Puerto Rico’s website allows customers to purchase all custom Sunshine goods made by regional producers.

Among the distinctive items are jewelry by Knot Predictable and local designer Grace Gonzalez, accessories by Bombazo Wear that authentically reflect the African influence on the Island, nail polish by Bettina Cosmetics, shoes by Isleas, and Chuchera purses by Rogative. With the help of these goods, customers may support small businesses anywhere in the globe, bring a bit of the island’s spirit with them when they travel, and get motivated to go back to the island in the future.

Seor Paleta and Indulge Chocolat, two additional vendors with goods inspired by Puerto Rico Sunshine, sell their tasty sweets at physical places highlighted on the Sunshine Route. Earlier this year, Discover Puerto Rico announced their collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute to develop a groundbreaking color based on research by Puerto Rican physicist Hector J. Jimenez and inspired by the hue of Puerto Rican sunlight. Puerto Rico Sunshine was created by Dr. Jimenez utilizing calculations of the hue of sunbeams made using various pre-existing models of solar radiation and the atmosphere at various times during the day in various locations throughout the Island.

Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for those seeking the balance of unmatched cultural experiences, award-winning beaches, world-class culinary delights, natural wonders, and pulse-pounding adventure in their upcoming trip because U.S. citizens are not required to have a passport, exchange money, or purchase an international phone plan.

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