Report Shows A High Majority Of Travelers Want To Do This

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New research1 from leading travel app Expedia®  revealed that many Americans have booked a “nothing-cation,” a trip where warm weather and leisure are the main draws, as a result of the too busy holiday season. In a survey of 4,000 U.S. visitors conducted in December, 34% of respondents said they were burned out from the holidays, and 96% of respondents said they planned to do nothing at all for part of their next vacation.

Beach vacations are a popular travel option for “nothing-cationers,” and Expedia internal data reveals January is one of the busiest months for researching and booking beach vacations. Beach vacations make up approximately a quarter of getaways on average during the first month of the year, and demand is already surging by double digits in numerous hotspots including Cancun, Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, and Oahu compared to the same period in 2019. 2

Expedia’s research shows that nearly half (47%) of travelers prefer to begin the new year with a trip scheduled as a way to combat their January anxiety (31%) and boredom with the chilly, gloomy weather (34%). The majority (62%) also concur that their favorite part of vacation is “doing nothing,” and they feel it was time well spent (61%). A nothing-cation is especially necessary for parents of small children (4 years old and under), who report higher levels of post-holiday exhaustion than the national norm (49% compared to 34%). For them, a successful nothing-cation entails ordering room service rather than going out to eat and watching movies in bed while reading.

Expedia® is one of the top full-service travel brands in the world. Its aim is to help travelers make the most of every trip by giving them access to everything they need in one location and, most importantly, making them feel supported at every turn.

1In partnership with OnePoll. Surveyed 4,000 respondents from December 14 – 21, 2022. The survey was conducted online using panel members who are credited to participate in surveys. Focused on U.S. working adults.

2Based on air and conventional lodging demand for US travelers.

source expedia

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