Road Trips Across America Are Surging

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If spring break patterns hold, it could mean that travel in the United States is returning to pre-pandemic levels.

According to Arrivalist, the leading location intelligence platform in the travel industry, despite increased gas prices and inflation, U.S. road trips have surpassed pre-pandemic levels. As spring break approaches, the 28-day rolling average of Arrivalist’s Daily Travel Index surpassed 2019 levels for the first time in its two-year history.

The 28-day rolling average of road trip activity was up 0.4 percent as of Tuesday, March 16. Overnight stays, a new indicator added by Arrivalist, increased by 1.4 percent. The Arrivalist Daily Travel Index monitors travel patterns in the United States and provides consumers with real-time information within 48 hours of a certain date. The platform, which was launched in April 2020 as a free tool to help the travel industry measure the pulse of the sector’s recovery, was launched in April 2020.

Arrivalist updated the Daily Travel Index earlier this year with three new features: overnight stay data on the website, free access to up to four years of trending travel data (2019-2022), and the option to compare trending travel data across all 50 states. The methodology used by Arrivalist is based on a representative balanced panel of GPS signals that represent road trips conducted in cars (excluding travel by air). A trip is defined as one in which the user travels at least 50 miles and spends at least two hours at the destination. The Daily Travel Index does not include commuting or other frequently repeated journeys, such as freight deliveries or other recurring tasks.

Arrivalist is the travel industry’s top location intelligence tool. To give actionable insights on consumer behavior, competition share, media effectiveness, and market trends, the organization combines different geographical data sets. Over 200 travel marketers use these insights to guide media strategy, operations, and destination development, including 100 cities, 40 U.S. states, and four of the top ten U.S. theme parks.

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