See The Historic Landmarks Of The Bay Via RIB For A Family Adventure

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When vacationing in San Francisco, you will find that there are many things to do and see. Besides the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Fisherman’s Wharf, you can enjoy amazing sunsets and get awe-inspiring views of the city. You may also see jumping whales frolicking in the San Francisco Bay.  If you’re looking for a different way to experience San Francisco, Bay Voyager offers boat tours that take you to areas of the city that are often overlooked. Whether you’re with friends or family, there’s a tour perfect for you.

In case you are looking for family fun activities in San Francisco, you cannot go wrong with Bay Voyager’s family-friendly boating tours that enable all age groups to have fun while cruising the SF Bay. Bay Voyager offers three different family-friendly tours (Touch of Gold Excursion, Twilight Cruise, and Combo Tour), that will allow you to cruise around San Francisco Bay. The captain managing the cruise boat ensures that you are never bored, and he offers an engaging commentary that you will love to hear. He welcomes questions from passengers, so feel free to ask anything!

The Bay Area Boat Tour is great for both families with kids and adults. It allows you to get close and personal with some of the Bay Area’s most famous landmarks, such as Alcatraz, Fort Mason, Ferry Building, Hyde St. Pier National Historic Maritime Park, Fort Point, Marina District, Yerba Buena Island/Treasure Island National Monument , and much more.

The bay is a popular tourist destination for its many points of attraction, including the nearby shoreline and islands. Boating provides an easy way to get to these attractions, as well as giving you a chance to see them up close. Rather than spending hours on the streets trying to reach attractions along the Bay area, you can choose Bay Voyager’s sightseeing tours. These SF Bay boating tours can turn simple sightseeing into an adventure.

Cruising on a high-powered RIB gives you amazing views of Pier 39, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island. Depending on the weather, these tours may also include glimpses of San Francisco Bay. Seeing all this in one day is an unforgettable experience that will keep you yearning to return. It can be an awe-inspiring experience to see the Golden Gate Bridge from below. The residents take this bridge for granted but those visiting San Francisco can see this 1.7-mile-long bridge from a different perspective.

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