Summer Adventure At Winter Park

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The top 10 reasons to make Winter Park Resort your “Home Base” for mountain adventure and relaxation this summer.  In the Colorado Rocky Mountains around Winter Park Resort, the snow is melting, the days are growing longer, and streams and rivers are running. Summer is approaching, and assuming the weather and Mother Nature cooperate, Winter Park will open its summer operations, including the renowned Trestle Bike Park, on Saturday, June 18, 2022.

This summer, there is a renewed sense of urgency and enthusiasm to get outside and hit the trails, signaling a trend toward vacationing in the great outdoors in 2022. Travelers continue to appreciate and embrace the importance of bonding with nature, visiting the mountains, and relaxing in fresh air, according to surveys and other news sources.

Decades of research also confirms what outdoor enthusiasts have long known: nature is healthy for us. The great outdoors’ sights, sounds, and smells relieve stress and anxiety, promote concentration and mindfulness, and boost cognitive health. You want your vacation to be a good fit — recognizing particular features that make a destination ideal for your family, whether you want to rest or enjoy an active outdoor experience. Travelers are flocking to Winter Park Resort for a variety of reasons, including these four reasons for summer fun and relaxation.

Active. Hiking, biking, and fishing are among the many summer activities available, as are bird watching, frisbee golfing, Alpine sliding, and simply exploring. Summer in Winter Park, in fact, has a lot to offer athletic people looking for all kinds of thrills.

Relaxing. The tranquil setting of Winter Park is great for sitting motionless or moving leisurely. Relaxing is a crucial component of any summer vacation, whether it’s sitting under a tree or doing yoga amid the wildflowers. In the highlands, there are numerous places and ways to unwind.

Accessible. Winter Park is an excellent “home base” for summer adventures, as it is nestled in Grand County, surrounded by lakes, creeks, trails, and hot springs, including Rocky Mountain National Park, which is only 40 miles away. Winter Park’s exceptional location, which is also only 67 miles from Denver, makes it simple to plan your summer trip (the other direction, of course).

Ageless. People are more than ever catching up on missed time with family and yearning for trips that bring multiple generations together. The diversity of activities is great for families and multi-generational groups looking for a choice of summer activities ranging from easy to hard.

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