Sweden lifts travel ban on American tourists

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After banning entry to American tourists incoming Sweden, regardless of its vaccination status in September due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the US: Sweden has decided to end the ban on entry to US tourists.

But Sweden has decided to maintain its ban on entry into third countries from 31 October 2021 to 31 January 2022. The ban on entry into third countries was only to last until the end of October.

The Swedish Ministry of Justice stated: “The ban on entry into Sweden from countries outside the EU / EEA will be extended until 31 January 2022.

“This entry ban is based on a recommendation of the Council of the European Union which is valid indefinitely. Therefore, the extension conforms to the recommendation.”

Holiday cottages on the west coast of Sweden

The ban is against arrivals from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area.

despite this, Sweden will move the United States to the list of exemptions, which includes: Israel, Turkey, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, among others.

Swedish authorities concluded that it is important to allow American tourists to enter Sweden after the US decided to end its ban on entry to foreign tourists from 8 November.

Current entry restrictions

Travelers from EU countries and countries on the list of exemptions (as indicated above) can enter Sweden with some entry restrictions. Travelers entering Sweden from Norway, Finland, Iceland or Denmark do not require a negative COVID-19 test, a vaccination certificate or a COVID-19 recovery test.

If travelers enter Sweden from another EEA nation, the EU covid certificate is sufficient and travelers will be required to submit a 72-hour negative PCR test upon entry, a vaccination certificate or a COVID-19 recovery test.

However, travelers from outside the EEA (such as US, British, Canadian and Australian travelers) must be covered by an exemption, present a 72-hour negative COVID-19 test and display a vaccine certificate issued in a nation where Sweden accepts vaccination certificates.

Sweden does not allow travelers from outside the EEA to enter Sweden with COVID-19 recovery test. Sweden also advises all travelers entering from outside the EEA to follow the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency, regardless of symptoms.

Woman tourist in Stockholm city Gamla Stan traveling lifestyle girl using smartphone

Travelers do not require a COVID-19 test on arrival if they have traveled within the Nordic countries, received their final vaccination dose at least two weeks before entering, or have a COVID-19 recovery test in the previous six months.

The situation of COVID-19 in Sweden

Cases of COVID-19 remain low, with a current 7-day average of 747 cases nationwide. This is a significant drop from an average of 7 days of more than 5,000 cases at the beginning of the year. Sweden is fully vaccinated 66.6 percent of its entire population after administering 14.5 million doses of vaccine.

Sweden during COVID-19

Sweden became famous for being one of the only nations in the world go against confinements in 2020. But Sweden is still implementing some recommendations. These include keeping your distance, avoiding public transportation in crowded areas, and wearing a mask in busy places if possible.

The government also suggests wearing masks on public transportation and there are some restrictions on the number of people allowed for public events and meetings. However, accommodations remain fully open nationwide without restrictions.

Pines in Swedish Lapland on the border of Finland and Norway

There are zero restrictions on domestic travel within the nation. This allows travelers to explore the country without worrying about restrictions, curfews and travel bans.

Sweden, which allows American tourists, is adding another winter destination for Americans this winter, along with countless other European and Caribbean nations welcoming American travelers after two years of restrictions.


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