Take A Basically Hidden Waterfall Hike In Montana For An Adventure

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Posted in Montana
December 11, 2021
by Clarisa

Does finding a trail bring you a sense of adventure? Being in the middle of a national park, it’s a bit off of the road to get to this beautiful area. This waterfall hike has a beautiful payoff but you’ll need to find the trailhead first. If you’re up for an adventure, think of Crow Creek. Bookmarking this trail is much easier than getting to it, but that’s nothing a good map can’t help out with.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Welcome to the gorgeous Helena National Forest in Montana. Out here, the lush forest extends for acres and this area is one of the most beautiful in the state.

If you’re handy with a map or GPS, you’ll find that Crow Creek Falls is somewhere you’ll want to find. Once you locate the trailhead, it’s a nice hike from there.

The trail is 5.3 miles out-and-back style and is labeled as a moderate level hike. An elevation gain of over 1,000 feet easily explains why it’s a bit more difficult than your average flat walk in a park.

The waterfall is a beautiful treat on this trail and worth every step of the trek. Whether your goal is photos, relaxing noises, or just another bucket list point, who wouldn’t love a waterfall?

Spending a while out here is a welcome reward for the hike, not to mention all of the wildlife spotting you can do along the way. This little hidden gem is a bit tough to get to but it’s worth the map reading.

As with any trail, make sure to never leave anything behind that you’ve brought, even food peels. We want our parks and trails to stay as clean and natural as possible. Happy hiking!

If you’d like to see the trail map, read reviews, or check the local weather at the trail site, check out the Crow Creek Falls AllTrails page.

Address: Crow Creek Falls, Montana 59638, USA

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