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The World Premiere of Leonardo: The Universal Man opens a new space for immersive and high-tech installations. The first permanent digital art museum on the Las Vegas Strip, PERCEPTION Las Vegas, is officially open. The global premiere of Leonardo: The Universal Man, a documentary about Leonardo da Vinci’s life and works, will open the new area for immersive and high-tech installations. The hour-long, three-gallery adventure transports visitors on a mind-bending voyage inside Leonardo da Vinci’s astonishing universe, an experience as remarkable as the man himself. Tickets are currently on sale at perceptionlasvegas.com.

Visitors are transported into da Vinci’s works, research, and results as an architect, engineer, alchemist, artist, philosopher, and sculptor through three unique 360-degree gallery exhibits:

Grand Salon: Chapters from the Life of a Genius – Guests enter a 28-foot-tall, four-wall theater where they are transported to Renaissance-era Italy through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci as episodes of his life are revealed in this 35-minute film. As the drama progresses, each wall of the theater shows a different visual perspective of the same story. Patrons learn about da Vinci’s engineering and architectural marvels as they fly in his Flying Machine, stand in cathedrals digitally generated through geometry, and float through Tuscany on a parachute designed by the maestro himself, using advanced laser projection and transportive acoustics.

The Last Supper – Painting with Light Guests are introduced to this innovative perspective on one of da Vinci’s most iconic paintings from the Italian High Renaissance: The Last Supper, during their visual journey. One of the world’s most iconic works of art comes to life through a burst of light, color, shape, and music in a gallery with floor-to-ceiling, surround-sound LED walls.

The Perception of the Mona Lisa – Six variants of Lisa del Giocondo, commonly known as the Mona Lisa, greet visitors in this gallery. Mona Lisa, accompanied by an original musical score, prepares visitors to experience da Vinci in the digital era as they each take on intriguing and entertaining versions of the world’s most-known, most-visited, sung-about, and written-about image.

Robert Frey, a nightlife pioneer, and entrepreneur Ned Collett came up with the idea for PERCEPTION. To bring Leonardo: The Universal Man to life, the team enlisted the help of TWOFIFTYK, a multidisciplinary creative agency based in the Netherlands. Electric Daisy Carnival, Martin Garrix, and Armin Van Buuren are just a few of the music heavyweights and events for whom TWOFIFTYK has developed digital entertainment.

PERCEPTION is the first permanent digital art museum in Las Vegas. Throughout the 17,000-square-foot area, PERCEPTION showcases a rotating collection of immersive digital art exhibits that allow guests to experience their favorite artists in new ways.

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