Thanksgiving trips could be hit by a “major storm”

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A major storm has the potential to disrupt travel plans from the Midwest to the Northeast during one of the busiest times of the year to travel. We’re talking about outages at major airlines like Chicago and New York early next week.

The storm system could begin to develop on Sunday in the Midwest, strengthening daily. As it approaches Tuesday on the east coast, a secondary system could develop along the coast, aggravating the disturbing weather conditions in places like New York.

“It is too early to address the detailed effects of the low pressures that may be near the east coast next Tuesday, but heavy rain / snow and strong winds could be possible,” the WPC says.

“While we’re still almost a week away and forecasts can change, this looks like a storm of planes, trains and cars,” says CNN meteorologist Chad Myers.

Below is where some of the worst travel disruptions could occur, based on computer forecasting models.

These CNN weather forecast products take into account rain, wind, snow, ice and fog and the impacts they could have on travel.

Mark ours storm tracking page to get an automatic update version of these maps and track the storm yourself.

The only good news: computer forecasting models are not always correct. Especially a week in advance.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the forecast on Sunday night, and then the New York National Weather Service said Tuesday morning, so there’s little confidence in the forecast.

On Tuesday afternoon, the forecast models will have been run again. The departure on Tuesday evening, Wednesday or Thursday could be different than it was this morning.


It is in the consistency and trends from one model to another that meteorologists will be watching closely. This is what will increase your confidence in the possible storm next week.

“Even if the storm wears off on Wednesday, airlines could still be facing major pre-cancellations with planes and crew members in the wrong place,” Myers says. “This storm is having a very bad time.”

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