The ‘Beaver State’ Continues It’s Tourism Campaign

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Campaign to increase economic impact during shoulder season (The months between the peak season, usually during the summer months, and the offseason in the winter.) travel by inspiring people to visit Oregon‘s seven regions. The Oregon Tourism Commission, dba Travel Oregon, has launched the second phase of its Extraordinary is Ordinary advertising campaign. The campaign, which promotes the state’s stunning natural beauty, is intended to drive tourism to its seven geographical regions and aid in the state’s recovery from the pandemic while encouraging shoulder season travel.

The campaign, created by the creative team at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, began this past July with national broadcast commercials and global exposure during the World Athletics Championships Oregon22. The fall campaign’s strategy is to reengage with the audiences reached this summer and invite them to visit during the shoulder season. With a whimsical take on three ubiquitous elements: rocks, water, and soil, the campaign’s creative extends to every corner of the state, reminding visitors and residents alike of all that is extraordinary in Oregon.

The video campaign incorporates live-action footage of real places and people, as well as mixed media settings and innovative animation techniques such as puppetry, Claymation, and stop-motion. The digitally painted sets, known as “matte paintings” in TV/film productions, were created by internationally renowned artist Simone De Salvatore, whose work has appeared in shows such as “Game of Thrones” and Wes Anderson films such as “Grand Budapest Hotel.” Trew Gear, Columbia Sportwear, and Pendleton are among the local brands represented in several scenes.

The bowl of ramen is inspired by the signature dish at Portland’s Afuri restaurant, and the beer is “Ripe,” a hazy IPA from Beaverton’s Great Notion Brewing. The full list of real-world locations featured in the campaign is as follows:


  • Paulina Peak
  • Timberline Lodge
  • Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson, as well two of the three peaks of the Three Sisters
  • Sumpter Valley Railroad
  • Blue Basin and John Day Fossil Beds


  • Crater Lake
  • Clear Lake
  • Rogue River
  • Willamette Valley
  • Portland bridges and Portland Oregon Sign
  • Afuri
  • Great Notion
  • Portland Spirit
  • Dragon Boats


  • Detering Orchard
  • Le Mera Gardens
  • Analemma Farms
  • Columbia River Gorge
  • Carman Ranch
  • Wallowa Mountains
  • Marys Peak

The Oregon Tourism Commission, also known as Travel Oregon, is a semi-independent state agency with the mission of inspiring travel that benefits Oregon communities. We work with stakeholders to align as Oregon stewards to maximize economic opportunity, advance equity, and respect the ecosystems, cultures, and places that make Oregon… Oregon. Travel Oregon seeks to improve Oregonians’ quality of life by enhancing the economic impact of the state’s $10.9 billion tourism industry, which employs over 100,000 people.

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