The best travel destinations with the highest vaccination rates in 2021

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The itch to travel has been on the rise for many people for over a year and a half. But the pandemic is not over yet. The risks and rewards of running away require serious thought. For many, this means finding a place to travel that is safe. One way to do this is to find the best travel destinations with the highest vaccination rates.

Thanks to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as newsrooms like the New York Times, which updates its Covid-19 vaccination map daily, travelers can get a better idea. of which travel destinations are best prepared to stop. the spread of the virus. A look will tell you which places you might want to avoid. But to get a good idea of ​​the best travel destinations with the highest vaccination rates, you need to dig a little deeper. If you look at the counties individually, you can see exactly what percentage of the population is fully vaccinated by age. This includes those over 12, those over 18 and those over 65.

Here are some cities that have the highest vaccination rate overall, but the numbers can differ drastically from county to county. Then these cities have at least a 60% vaccination rate for residents 12 years or older. Here we tell you where you can consider going now or in the near future and what to do while you are there.


Seattle, Washington


Photo by Chait Goli from Pexels

King County, Washington, is very seated in terms of good vaccination rates. With 71% of all eligible residents vaccinated and a whopping 83% for those over 12, you can travel here safely knowing that some parts of the Pacific Northwest are taking the virus very seriously. This will allow you to have more fun visiting places like Pike Place Market, Chihuly Garden by glass artist Dale Chihuly, Olympic Sculpture Park Garden overlooking Puget Sound and Woodland Park Zoo. Oh, and don’t forget to take a mandatory selfie at the Space Needle.


Burlington, Vermont

As of Aug. 20, Vermont took the title of the nation’s most affected state with an overall score of 67%. But that figure is even higher in the super-relaxed city of Burlington. The city, located in Chittenden County, has an vaccination rate of 89.6%, according to state data at You won’t find these numbers in many places, which makes it even more appealing. Especially if you consider the beauty of the city in the fall and winter. Burlington, a leafy paradise, also offers a lively cultural scene on the shores of beautiful Champlain Lake. Go crawling for beer, picking apples or skiing at nearby slopes like Stowe or Killington.


Napa Valley, California

If the confinement of the pandemic enlivened your love story with wine, maybe it’s time to take a trip to Napa. The region, with 375 wineries, was built on wine tourism. And they keep doing it by making vaccines a priority. Currently, NYT data show that Napa County has an overall vaccination rate of 68%. But its mitigation methods go beyond encouraging residents to get the blow. The tasting room experiences have been moved to the outside, in addition, small groups mean less crowding.


Portland, Oregon

Have you always wanted to visit Portland and looked for an excuse? Do you just want to travel to destinations with the highest vaccination rate? How about a countywide vaccination rate of 71%. Fashion City may be best known for its parody on the Portlandia TV show, but don’t let fiction fool you. This is a progressive city that is worth visiting for its beautiful surroundings, its amazing gastronomic scene and many attractions. Grab the Portland Japanese Garden. This 12-hectare landscape looks like a fantasy with exceptional foliage and aquatic elements. Find something to read at Powell’s beloved bookstore, then grab a bite to eat at any of the many great restaurants, such as Le Pigeon, Kachka or Canard.


Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. First, there’s the Freedom Trail, a downtown trail that takes you through 16 landmarks significant to U.S. history. Then there are places like Fenway Park, the ultimate baseball stadium and the boardwalk where you can take whale watching cruises. And most importantly, you can become a full-fledged tourist knowing that Suffolk County currently has 65% total vaccination.


Camden, Maine

If visiting a quaint New England city is on your wish list, you can’t do much better than Camden, Maine. Situated on Penobscot Bay, this historic city is made up of classic 19th-century buildings and offers beautiful views of the harbor with a lighthouse from the 1830s. The charming city center is full of beautiful shops and restaurants. Look even better at visiting sailboats walking through nearby Camden Hills State Park, where, they say, “the mountains meet the sea.” Oh, and did we say it has a 75% vaccination rate?


Boulder, Colorado

In Boulder County, 70% of the eligible population is vaccinated. That might be all you need to hear to book a ticket to this stunning mountain region. In Boulder, the city itself, you can navigate Pearl Street, the heart of the community. Then take a bike and stroll along Boulder Creek Path, a paved road through the city. A tour of the University of Colorado should also be included along with stops at the Boulder Museum, which tells the story of this nature-loving and health-obsessed community.


Annapolis, Maryland

If you want a super-powered American vacation that makes you feel patriotic and safe, consider Annapolis, Maryland. Headquarters of the United States Naval Academy, this picturesque city eats, sleeps and breathes pride of the Navy. Even better, 69% of the population is vaccinated. So you can go see a plebeian parade on campus or catch a sailboat in the harbor feeling a little more confident in your decision to go on a getaway. Have some seafood at one of the many fish-focused restaurants before strolling through the old quarters appreciating the magnificent colonial and Second Empire architecture.


Taos, New Mexico

Looking for a southwestern adventure in New Mexico. Head to Taos, a center of culture and arts. Reporting a 74% vaccination rate for all residents of Taos County, the area is ready and prepared for tourists. Check out the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, an impressive 650-foot stretch above the river. Visit the adobe outlines of the San Francisco de Asissi mission church, an inspiration for artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Ansel Adams. Then shop and dine at the historic Taos Square, the heart of the city and cultural site that dates back to the community settlement in 1796.

Ready to go? Just remember that the CDC has described (and regularly updates) travel guidelines for those planning getaways. They currently urge travelers to delay the trip until they are fully vaccinated. Everyone (vaccinated or not) is required to disguise themselves on any means of public transport (planes, buses, trains, etc.) to prevent infection, although they can be removed to eat, take medication or wear an oxygen mask. . People who are not fully vaccinated should wear a mask and keep their physical distance in public.

The CDC also advises travelers (both foreign and domestic) who are not vaccinated to get a viral test three to five days after the trip and to stay home and be quarantined for a full seven days after the trip.

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