‘The Most Luxurious Hotel In The Orient’ Gets Better

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A blend of neo-Chinese design and regal aesthetics, the Elite Room Collection at Beijing Hotel NUO was recently unveiled. The NUO brand idea of “Chinese, Luxury, Contemporary, and Green” served as inspiration for the collection. The hotel is situated close to the Forbidden City in the center of Beijing. The 1917-built building, which immediately earned the title “The Most Luxurious Hotel in the Orient,” functioned as a meeting place for the early 20th century’s high society.

Beijing Hotel NUO is starting a new chapter and redefining the neo-Chinese design 105 years from now. The launch of Elite Room Collection further highlights the allure of the NUO legacy hotels with a strong focus on three key hospitality segments: business hotels, heritage hotels, and resort hotels. In 105 years, Beijing Hotel NUO will write a new chapter and redefine neo-Chinese architecture. The introduction of Elite Room Collection, which places a significant emphasis on the business hotels, heritage hotels, and resort hotels, accentuates the appeal of the NUO legacy hotels even more.

The Chinese name of the Elite Room Collection, “Ya Song”, is inspired by the feng (“ballad”), ya (“odes”) and song (“hymns”) that make up the Shi Jing (Classic of Poetry). It embodies NUO’s quintessential features, blending traditional Chinese elements with modern art. The structure where the Elite Room Collection is housed was created in 1954 by renowned architect Dai Nianci. The architecture has features that are typical of Chinese palaces. The roof has a double-eave shape that pays homage to the nearby Forbidden City and is embellished with little pavilions in each of the four corners. With sizes ranging from 45 to 100 square meters, the collection offers four different room types. Traditional Chinese rosette and cloud designs, as well as Taihu stones, are used as interior decor in the guestrooms.

The NUO brand allows visitors to experience consistent Chinese hospitality because of its deep ties to Chinese culture. Throughout their stay, visitors can fully experience the NUO mood through their five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. The visual fusion of traditional and contemporary Chinese components produces a narrative and inventive cultural atmosphere. In terms of audio, visitors can unwind to the unique music of NUO. As the guests sample a range of treats, they can expect a lavish tasting experience. The distinctive NUO perfume is a delicate fusion of Chinese and European aromas for the sense of smell.

Beijing Hotel NUO, which was formerly China’s trendsetter in the early 20th century, is currently reviving the traditional high-end Chinese way of life. In addition to the new accommodations, visitors may savor the renowned Tanjia Cuisine, which has a lengthy history dating back over a century, and have access to the VIP terrace, which offers views of the Forbidden City and the center of Beijing along the renowned Chang’an Avenue. Additionally, visitors are entitled to perks including a personal butler service available around-the-clock. Another highlight is the Hongqi H7 limousine service, which caters to the VIP travelers at the hotel. The high-end car brand chosen for hosting domestic and foreign dignitaries is the renowned Made-in-China Hongqi automobile.

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