The Roughrider State Invites You To Smell The Sun Flowers

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Fields of bright yellow sunflowers will start to cover the North Dakota countryside as the summer light starts to set earlier each day. Awe-inspiring fields of golden flowers bloom all throughout the state in August, and North Dakota Tourism invites tourists to explore them.  North Dakota Tourism has released the state’s 2022 Sunflower Blooms Guide, which provides directions to 20 breathtaking sunflower fields, to help travelers plan the perfect getaway. Weekly bloom updates will show how the state’s vivid yellows are spreading as they advance.

Furthermore, Field of Sunflowers, one of North Dakota’s Legendary Road Trips, is the ideal way to enjoy the last few days of summer and to see the seas of vivid golden hues.  After Ukrainian immigrants arrived in the state as a result of the Homestead Act of 1867, North Dakota became a pioneer in the cultivation of the beloved flowers. Ukraine generates upwards of 70 to 80 percent of the world’s exports of sunflower oil and proudly recognizes the sunflower as the country’s official flower. Sunflowers have long played a vital role in the country’s economy. Ukrainian immigrants to North Dakota brought their sunflower farming techniques with them and turned the area into vast fields of dazzling yellow flowers.

The following advice for photographing the iconic blossoms should be kept in mind by sunflower enthusiasts:

In general, landowners and farmers don’t mind people stopping to take pictures of their fields as long as you respect them by not driving or walking across them.

Looking for the ideal shot during the golden hour? Get there early to scout the best spot to take pictures of the sunrise or sunset shortly after or just before they happen. You’ll want to be prepared and set up when the light changes to the ideal shade because you’re in a race against time. Visitors can estimate the time in any area with the aid of smartphone applications like Sun Seeker or Sun Surveyor.

Visiting on a day with clouds? Lucky for you, those are frequently the finest days to take striking close-up pictures.  Use the hashtag #BeNDLegendary to describe how much you like the sunny bloom in your images and videos on social media.  North Dakota grows an astonishing 40% of the country’s sunflowers, making it one of the top two states for sunflower production each year. Additionally, the state is the nation’s top producer of edible or “confection” sunflower seeds. Visitors with a taste for sunflowers should pick up a bag (or two!) of Giants Snacks’ sunflower seeds in Wahpeton, North Dakota, in either the original flavor or one of the other flavors, then try the city’s famously creamy SunButter in Fargo.

source north dakota tourism division

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