Travel insight: Seven of the most-vaccinated countries in Europe if you’re worried about Covid-19

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One thing many people have missed over the past two years is travelling. But as Covid-19 restrictions have eased, it seems that 2022 may be the year we can finally jet off again.

any people may still feel a bit wary about going abroad, however. So to help you pick your next holiday destination, we’ve compiled a list of the seven most-vaccinated countries in Europe.

While high rates of vaccination may not prevent visitors from catching Covid-19, the statistic can be used as an indicator of how a country’s population is confronting the virus.

1. Malta – 84.4pc fully vaccinated, 63.8pc boosted

After Ireland, Malta has the highest percentage of all its population fully vaccinated and one of the highest boosted populations in Europe.

It also has a relatively low number of cases with 230 reported on February 4 out of a population of half a million.

For those travelling to Malta from a red-zone (which Ireland currently is), they must be fully vaccinated.

Anyone who arrives into the country without a sufficient vaccination cert is subjected to Mandatory Hotel Quarantine for 14 days which costs €100 per night.

2. Belgium – 77pc fully vaccinated, 71.2pc boosted

Belgium may be a good place to travel to if you are worried about Covid-19, as it has the highest boosted population in the European Union with 71.2pc.

It also has the fifth-highest population fully vaccinated against the virus.

Fully vaccinated passengers travelling into Belgium from Ireland do not need to provide a negative test.

Those who are not fully vaccinated need a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours before arrival or an antigen test no more than 36 hours before arrival.

The country still has some Covid-19 restrictions in place, with bars only opening until midnight.

3. Portugal – 83.2pc fully vaccinated, 52pc boosted

Portugal has a high percentage of its population fully vaccinated and after Ireland has the highest percentage of its adult population fully vaccinated.

However, it falls behind Belgium, Malta, Iceland, and Denmark for the percentage of the population that has received a booster dose.

There are currently some Covid-19 restrictions in place in Portugal.

In order to gain entry into accommodation, tourist establishments, restaurants, or events with reserved seating you must have proof of full vaccination or a negative test result.

For bars and clubs, health facilities and big standing events you must have a recovery cert from Covid-19, a booster vaccine cert or a negative test result.

4. Denmark – 81.5pc fully vaccinated, 61.2pc boosted

Denmark has a high percentage of its population vaccinated and a high proportion boosted.

Regardless of vaccination status, all passengers travelling into Denmark must currently show a negative PCR or antigen test result.

Those who have recently recovered from Covid-19 and have a recovery certificate no more than 180 days prior to entry, do not need a negative test.

Denmark currently has no domestic Covid-19 restrictions in place, including mask-wearing.

The news was announced this week as it became the first country in the EU to lift all restrictions.

5. Iceland – 77.9pc fully vaccinated, 65.3pc boosted

Iceland is another country to consider for a trip away if you are worried about Covid-19. It has the fifth-highest fully vaccinated population in the European Union and a high percentage of boosted residents.

Currently, anyone over the age of 16 travelling to Iceland must have a negative Covid-19 PCR or antigen test to enter the country, regardless of vaccination status.

The country also currently has some Covid-19 restrictions in place, including a limit of 50 people at gatherings.

However, events of up to 500 people are allowed if all guests are seated, wearing a mask and alcoholic beverages are not sold before, during or after the event.

6. France – 76.7pc fully vaccinated, 53.3pc boosted

If you’re looking for a weekend away in Paris or a relaxing week away in southern France, the country is a good pick as it has one of the highest vaccinated populations in Europe.

However, it is important to note that out of this list of seven it has the second-lowest boosted population.

Those travelling to France from Ireland that are fully vaccinated do not need a negative test, while passengers who are not fully vaccinated must provide a negative antigen or PCR test taken less than 24 hours prior to departure.

France still has some Covid-19 restrictions in place, with a Covid-19 Digital Certificate needed to gain access to restaurants and bars, cinemas, tourist accommodations and entertainment venues.

7. Norway – 74.5pc fully vaccinated, 50pc boosted

Norway has a relatively low population boosted compared to other countries on this list but has 74.5pc of its overall population fully vaccinated.

Passengers entering the country do not need a negative test if they are fully vaccinated.

Those who haven’t been fully vaccinated must quarantine at a private residence for three days and can only exit once they provide a negative PCR test.

The country lifted almost all its restrictions in recent days, however, mask-wearing and social distancing rules are still in place.

See reopen, for further details on Covid-19 travel restrictions.

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