Travel Planners Getting Ready For Space Travel

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In 2025, Cruise Planners reserves two capsules and turns Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune into the first franchise travel company to offer space travel.  To infinity and beyond! The partnership between Cruise Planners and Space Perspective will give their clients the ability to push boundaries and explore the final frontier: space. On Spaceship Neptune, which was designed to be the most accessible, most environmentally friendly, and most secure spacecraft on or above Planet Earth, Cruise Planners has reserved two full capsules that are slated to launch in 2025 and 2027, respectively. Eight Explorers and a pilot travel in a plush pressurized capsule pushed by a SpaceBalloonTM for six hours to the edge of space.

The Spaceship Neptune will be different from other spacecraft in that it will remain attached and secured to the SpaceBalloon throughout the whole ride, ensuring the traveler’s safety and convenience. Other ships switch to various flight systems in the middle of their flight. According to Space Perspective, the SpaceBalloon, which is propelled by renewable hydrogen and has no need for rockets or a carbon footprint, will carry the Spaceship Neptune into orbit.

The Spaceship Neptune will be unique among spacecraft in that it will stay fastened to the SpaceBalloon throughout the whole journey, ensuring the comfort and safety of the passenger. In the middle of their trip, other ships change to different flight systems. According to Space Perspective, the SpaceBalloon will launch the Spaceship Neptune into orbit without the use of rockets or leaving a carbon footprint because it is powered by renewable hydrogen.

The Orbit Lounge’s interior architecture has been created to increase comfort and improve the classic astronaut experience of viewing Earth from space. Explorers can benefit from the telescope and interactive displays that give important information as the adventure progresses or toast their accomplishments with champagne from the bar. The largest windows ever flown into space will provide visitors with a 360-degree view of the surroundings. There will be a fast Wi-Fi connection available so that visitors can tell their friends and family about their life-changing event.

Visitors will get a 360-degree view of the surroundings thanks to the largest windows ever flown into space. A quick Wi-Fi connection will be offered so that guests can inform their friends and family about their life-altering experience. The largest home-based travel agency franchise network in the country was established in 1994 and is called Cruise Planners. The first premium spaceflight experience provider in the world, Space Perspective is run by two prominent figures in the sector, Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum.

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